Randal from the Apprentice

Dr. Randal Pinkett (i.e. Randal from The Apprentice) came to Temple University to give a lecture about reducing violence. After rapping to the brother, I was even more impressed by his intellect, humility, and vision than I was on the show. It also became more apparent just how insensitive and disrespectful Donald Trump was to request that he share his victory with Rebecca. In addition to creating a multi-million dollar business in a few years, being a Rhodes scholar, and having a Ph.D., my man dominated the contests. Still, he was put on the spot by Trump, who asked him to share his victory, something that he never requested from the other, less qualified (and, of course, White) contestants. For example, Kwame Jackson, the first runner-up, was called after the show ended, and offered a job. Why couldn’t the same be done in this instance? If you ask Trump, I’m sure he’d say it was about ratings. However, it is that kind of indifference and willful ignorance of the context –the fact that he’s asking the first Black winner to share his prize with an inexperienced white woman– that embody white privilege and reflect the “Black tax” that many of us have to pay. Trump’s irresponsibility has led to Randal being crucified by many media pundits, who called Randal selfish. Fortunately Randal has responded to his critics with the same dignity and poise that served him throughout the contest.

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  1. I agree with you MarcL – Trump was very disrespectful. I watched that final episode, and I was stunned by his request, but I couldn’t have asked for a better response than what Randal gave.

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