With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, I’ve decided to list a few things for which I'm thankful:

The Phillies Championship - After more than two decades of 
heartbreak, our city finally won a major sports 
championship. Even more wonderful is the fact that the city 
partied hard without any major incident. 

McCain’s Loss – While I refuse to be swept into the cultish fervor of 
Obamarama, I am nonetheless grateful that John McCain is not 
our nation’s president-elect. If he were, some of us might 
be reporting to the cotton fields for orientation. 

Sarah Palin’s Media Tour – In addition to being wildly 
entertaining, Sarah Palin’s current “I won’t point fingers 
but it wasn’t my fault we lost” routine is the best 
guarantee that she won’t be the GOP’s nominee in 2012.

The McNabb/Reid beef– While some see the current tempest 
between Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb as a major downer, I 
see it as a gift in disguise. Why? Because it moves the Philadelphia
Eagles that much closer to a painful but necessary 
rebuilding process.

The State of the Black World Conference – Last week, a group 
of activists, organizers, and intellectuals convened in New 
Orleans to critically assess and engage the most pressing 
issues in the Black community. The conference suggests that 
all blacks are not sitting on their hands in the age of 

John Forte – In 2001, the rapper/producer (and my friend) 
was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for a first time 
drug offense. On Monday, President Bush commuted his 
sentence, allowing him to return home before the end of the 
year. If only we could provide the same relief for all 
victims of mandatory minimums…

Kindred The Family Soul – A few weeks ago, one of the 
country’s most talented (and underrated) music groups 
released its third album, “Arrival”. At a time when the most 
artists are playing to the lowest common denominator, Aja 
and Fatin continue to raise the musical stakes for an entire 

Reverend Dr. Alyn Waller – In today’s era of “bling bling 
gospel,” there are few too many religious leaders truly 
committed to feeding their flock. In addition to providing 
his congregants with an informed message, the Pastor of Philadelphia's Enon 
Tabernacle and his wife Ellyn Jo have committed themselves 
to dismantling the international sex trade that has taken 
away the life chances of young girls.

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  1. Hey, Marc. I’m on your side about the Eagles. We could use some ReBuilding. I’m not even going to watch the game tomorrow. Their presently inane head coach and subdued leader are going to make th e tryptophan all the more welcoming tomorrow.

  2. Hey Dr. Lamont
    I am also thankful for the SOBW conference. I forgot that there are people out there who think like I do. It was nice to meet you and hear from all of the guests at the conference.

  3. hi
    dr. hill i tried to comment before. i am also thankful for the sobw conference. i am also always thankful when people are doing things to better or world.

  4. I am thankful for my family & friends!
    I am thankful for the “Fruit in my womb” that the doctors said I could not conceive!
    I am thankful to see an African American as President elect!
    I am thankful for my many blessings big & small! I don’t take anything for granted.
    I am thankful for gratefulness!

    All of the things I am thankful for would not be possible if it weren’t for my Almighty GOD!

    I know this is not a religious blog but I’d thought I’ll share!

  5. I’m thankful for all of my friends, including everyone in the barbershop who keep me sharp, offer their opinions and critique my own. I appreciate each and every one of you and everything I’ve learned from each of you.

    I am thankful that Western Medicine still sucks and MrsPickron is expecting. Congrats!

    I’m thankful for NBA basketball, every year I wonder what the hell I did between June and October.

    I’m thankful for my continued health. I’m as strong as an ox.

    I’m thankful for my best friend, she’s the best thing to happen to me.

  6. MrsPickron,

    “I am thankful for the “Fruit in my womb” that the doctors said I could not conceive!” – MrsPickron

    That’s so awesome! Glory be to GOD!

    Faith and prayer will always trump medicine!

  7. Awww, Thanks Blaxx, Tanya & Ann! I am truly grateful! Prayer is what got me this far!

    I am also thankful for my friends here at the Barbershop! You guys are Great!!!

  8. New plantation is waaaaay better than the old plantation. They does let us read here. LOL

    But seriously, the new job is great. Less work, more money (a lot more money, more than 2x what I was making before). Can you see me not complaining?

  9. I’m thankful and grateful for the possiblity of HOPE..and for the sista who still remains in my eyes Bellaluna, I heard what you said about the “You Are the Sun” song, but surely you’ve heard “Make Me Like the Moon” by Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore, haven’t you? This is what I’m saying to you, now what gives? Still Thankful for HOPE!

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