Stephen Baldwin Calls Obama a Liar…

Last night, I appeared on Larry King Live to discuss the recent health care vote in the House. The discussion, which included Aisha Tyler, Kevin Madden, and Stephen Baldwin, was both interesting and civil with one exception: Alec Baldwin. Instead of offering a substantive critique of the president or a policy, Baldwin elected to name call and throw out false claims. His comments last night represent all that is wrong with American political discourse at the current moment.

9 thoughts on “Stephen Baldwin Calls Obama a Liar…

  1. hahaha You mean Stephen, not Alec, MLH. Alec Baldwin was too busy being hilarious and successful. Stephen makes Conservatives look terrible… what a loser.

  2. I agree with Scott. I cringed everytime he(Stephen) attempted to say something. Aisha Taylor was great as well. Baldwin managed to take her comments totally out of context. I think he was so hell-bent on being oppositional that he really missed the point that both of you(Aisha) were making! Nontheless, you provided a great balance with your comments. I can watch these political discussions/debates one the major networks ONLY if you are on the panel ;o)

  3. You got Stephen Baldwin right in your subject line, but need to revise your comments from Alec to Stephen. I actually caught this discussion on CNN, and I agree with Freda, I cringed everytime Stephen said anything…. he was dead wrong, and like you said, had nothing substantive to add to the conversation. All the panelist totally blew him outta the water, even Kevin(the only sane voice for the conservative side). Maybe we should be secretely thanking Larry King for inviting Stephen Baldwin who came to the discussion unprepared. LOL

  4. I am not interested in what a bible thumping born again thinks nor Aisha Tyler for that matter. They do not have the expertise to speak on this. Baldwin and his ilk are not the least bit interested in anything but bashing people and tearin down character instead of talking about policy. One can actually see how much he enjoys doing exactly that. Why people who use god as their anchor are given credence on any news media program belittles you and the rest of the panel. Perhaps you may want to refuse to appear with such simple minded people and their tirades in the future. It does not serve any of us well. Madden and Massachusetts have a lot of insight and experience on health reform.

  5. He was in “Fled”. I don’t trust anyone’s judgment if they thought that was a good vehicle.

  6. I again question the idea that this is “the biggest political victory” for Obama.

    I did nothing to lower costs, nothing to reign in on insurance companies, nothing to address quality of care, nothing to address availability of qualified medical professionals, and nothing to address the main reason why we are loosing qualified medical professionals every day.

    This bill did nothing but help a few states out with their state Medicare bills, create more federal IRS jobs and create several new bureaucracy levels in an already horrible system of medical process.

    Granted, it will eventually give a small percentage of Americans some to-be-determined level of health care who would not have had it.

    I also object to the idea that those opposed to this bill are the minority. I was in small towns in North Jersey today and witnessed protests in towns who have no seen these types of events since Vietnam. This bill was applauded by a small minority in America, and by none of the tax paying population.

    I’m sorry, but if you don’t contribute to the system, you should have no right to demand the benefit of that system.

  7. This bill is the beginning of a win-win for employed, under employed and unemployed Americans. This will create more jobs in health care industry because the demand will increase over the next decade. It is a much better way to spend our tax money than investing trillions in un-winnable and/or unjust wars.

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