Allen Iverson to Denver?


If Allen Iverson is still “The Answer,” then the question has become “What NBA superstar is most likely to be traded?”

According to my sources, A.I. will be traded as soon as 76ers President Billy King finds a suitable deal. These same sources tell me that the most likely destination by far is Denver, where he will play alongside Carmelo Anthony. Given King’s track record, don’t expect much more than the hobbling Kenyon Martin and some shiny beads for the superstar.
Also, am I the only person worried about A.I. and ‘melo being on the same team? I’m not thinking about basketball, as George Karl should have enough juice to get them to peacefully coexist for Iverson’s two remaining dominant years. On the contrary, I’m thinking about potential off-the-court issues that may emerge.

Unlike Dwyane Wade and Lebron James, both whom became the media and fan darlings of their draft class, Carmelo Anthony has had considerably more difficulty earning universal respect. Two primary questions about Anthony that have undermined his superstar status are his work ethic and his extra-curricular activities. Therefore, it isn’t unreasonable to wonder if Iverson, who is known for not practicing as regularly as he hits the nightclubs, would be a deleterious influence on Anthony during his formative years.

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