12 thoughts on “Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies

  1. Marc,

    Fantastic work. I guess some people can’t see past the end of their own nose.

    Cultural studies as racist? wow. Never stepping foot in Arizona. Ever.

  2. Good debate, I felt your strongest point was the comment about “European Studies.” It’s against the law to study your own history? Thanks Arizona, we’ve really come a long way.

  3. I have been watching you young man on MSNBC and I wanted to let you know how proud you made me hearing you voice your truth and the facts about the benefits of ethnic standards. I am going to continue tow watch because I believe that in you resides what is needed for leadership. I agreed 100% with your comments and appreciated the way you handled yourself listening to ignorance. I am a resident of Arizona and I am so ashamed of how these people are carrying on… thank you so much!

  4. Imagine if McCain was elected president? Close call. Dangerous people who feel superior are a risk to all of us.

  5. Doc, all valid points you have made (Yoda). I’m waiting for you to rip that Rand Paul guy a new one.

  6. The bad was as a result of real issues. The raza studies has without argument created some fanatics in their system. As well all know, the school system would have no right to enact rule against only raza studies.

    Now lets turn to the argument that Arizona somehow banned ethnic studies. They have not and this is an exaggeration. The new rules put boundaries in place to further prevent radical teachers (which is an issue everywhere, not only in AZ).

    Then move to the idea that these guidelines prevent the study of specific ethnic studies on an individual basis. This again is false. The argument that we need to compare and contrast so that we can understand issues in real context is what the point is with this issue. The school system wants to combine ethnic studies into the same classes, not unlike how most of us in our 30’s were taught. The classes that we had were not targeted at one race. We spent a few weeks on one group, move to another, and use the full context in overall discussions. The idea that focused ethnic studies is in some way better was not even discussed and has still failed to be discussed.

    Now on to “European studies” argument. “European” is not a race, and there is no centralized European mentality. That argument is as illogical as it gets. It’s a geographic term. Not unlike African Studies, if it were targeted towards Arabs in the north, tribes, and apartheid in the south.

    And then to top it off, we end with the idea that AZ is engaged in racial profiling so all arguments against AZ are now valid. No matter how many times this argument is brought up it does not make it logical to think that in the year 2010 that a local police force (state wide for this argument) would engage in a policy of racial based profiling to the point where a large majority of one specific racial group would would clearly be seen as oppressed. I plead with everyone and anyone siding with this argument to spend a day in a police department and tell me honestly if the ideals of racial profiling are alive and well given the fact that funding is being cut across the board, liberal media attention is at a all time high, and watchdog groups are everywhere. Local police department will not risk their own livelihood so that they can detain more illegals just for the fun of it (because the local police still do not have the power to arrest or deport illegals, only ICE can do this). It’s a totally ignorant argument given any reality situation involved.

    I end with this question: What do you propose AZ does about their real issues? These issues are not make believe, and very few are arguing that point, so what is the alternative?

  7. Mark please let me know when you leave the USA so I can celebrate. I hear communist china might be a great place for you.

  8. hahaha!!! thats funny…ive been following u sometimes, and i be rolling when u get at them on debates…kinda reminds me of myself…..keep up the good work and we need more like u out there marc, look to build a larger team more like ur self ..The USA needs that —-they hate to hear the truth, but now everyone has freedom of speech, so ur voice is being heard…..Hit me up sometimes i think its time for u to go on college tours etc…state to state, so these young ones can hear real knowledge…kk take care and good luck with ur carreer!!!!!!

  9. actually, communist china takes the same position as the arizona legislature regarding ethnic studies in their country. read a newspaper sometime, you moron. our appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism is what makes america an easier country for immigrants to assimilate into than many countries of europe or asia.

  10. Hello I was reviewing some of your debates on politics and other very interesting topic however, the statement that you said about drake and as a musical artist is kind of far fetched you have no legitimate reason for the negativity towards him personally I just think you of all people should know that.

  11. Really good points. I took my first ethnic studies class this past semester (sophmore in college) and I absolutely agree that everyone should be exposed to it. My school requires that we take at least 1 ethnic studies class and it’s really ridiculous that Arizona would place restrictions on that. I think alot of young people have common misconceptions about race in general, and never second guess the opinions that they have formed based off of stereotypes.

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