24 thoughts on “Debating O’Reilly about Immigration, Menendez, and the National Guard

  1. You’re right, right wingers’ answer to everything involves power and force. Silly! I do agree will Billo though (never thought I would ever say that) that a little temporary fix is better than no fix at all.

  2. “I’m an intellectual. I don’t do sports metaphors.” XD LMBO

    But seriously immigration reform bills need to start going through Congress. The jobs bill is important but they need to move on immigration now as well.

  3. Dr, Hill, you were feelin’ it last night. I loved, “I’m an intellectual. I don’t do sports metaphors.” Classic! But I almost choked when you retorted with, “You look like a cocaine user.” ROTFLMBAO That’s what B.O. gets for being a wiseguy.

    Force and anger is all right-wingers seem to understand. Amazing, isn’t it? Especially when they claim to be such God-fearing people. What a joke. With that said, I do agree that comprehensive immigration reform must start as soon as possible. First, secure the borders. Second, put in place a law heavily penalizing companies that hire undocumented workers. And third, begin the process of getting undocumented workers (without serious criminal backgrounds) to become citizens. If the borders aren’t secured first, anything else would be the equivalent of putting a bandage on a wound before the bleeding has subsided.

  4. We all agree. Simplicity. What is so hard about securing the borders first. How is this force? Let me say I did not get the pleasure of listening to you last night, as my Turbo on my semi went out. However I am sure you were great as usual Thank you.

  5. Nice job making orielly look like a idiot . Even when he talked over you ( which is his trademark move when he is losing the debate) you made your point and what a comeback to the cocaine line he through at you. Nice work ! You are the best.

  6. I enjoy Marc when he is on with O’reilly but saying you don’t do sports metaphors was kinda lame. Anyway, power and force do work in certain situations and with cetain governments. You think Iran or North Korea would have pulled the things they are with Reagan as president? Some cultures only respect power and force, diplomacy is not respected and/or is seen as a sign of weakness. What did your parents tell you to do about that school bully? They told you to stand up to him with power and force and that bully will leave youi alone.

  7. Typical that OReichy twists this law into protecting the victims from danger. He speaks of intimidation as if it’s ok. He says you look like a cocaine dealer. (hint: street corner) He is a racist.( think Sylvias Restaurant) He does not care about the “root” of anything. He wants brown people removed from the US. He is screaming FIRE because he knows it whips up his base of hysterical nutcases. Notice everything always comes down to a sports analogy to those who feel entitled. It’s easy from an ivory media network tower to delegate battle. OReichy concludes by comparing himself to Obama and McCain. He is and never was an elected official. He is a cable television commentator that used to work for a celebrity gossip show called Inside Edition. Please! I still have no idea why you give him credence by gracing him with your presence.

  8. I completely agree with Marc on this one, though a temporary problem may seem better then nothing we will have wasted millions of dollars and there will be a new way of smuggling, undocumented and drugs within days of the so its not a solution.

    Every time these right wing nuts get faced with a problem internationally and even domestically we think power and force fixes everything… IT DOES NOT!!!

    sometimes alternatives are the best in most cases alternatives always work

  9. He kept talking about how you figure out what caused the fire after the out break, but if you already know the cause or one of many things causing it, why not go ahead and fix it? Drug dealers are persistent and will do whatever they have to to make money. So yes, adding more patrol to the border will TEMPORARILY slow down the traffic but it will not fix the problem because they will find a way around. Contrary to belief, drug dealers are not the typical characters portrayed by hollywood (lazy and dumb). This to me is just America repeating itself with putting band-aids on major issues (social security and the current economy just to name a couple of issues being right-winged) just to appease the complaining masses.

  10. We once again are trying to focus on AZ and what the local government is doing, instead of looking towards the issue and finding a solution.

    The issue is not that the local government of AZ has some fascination with racist policy or segregation politics, or profiling. These issues have not been raised outside of this singular bill. Why are we focusing on trying to create that picture and continuing to focus on that topic alone?

    The larger question is; can Congress not work on 2 bills at the same time? Can Congress not work on jobs and immigration at the same time? Do we need more congressmen or pay them overtime?

  11. “You look like a cocaine user!” HAHAAHAHAHAA!!! Yeah!!! Good one Marc! You’re so quick with it. Love it!

  12. People say a lot of things about O’Reilly, and most of them are wrong. He is fine with people having opposing points of view and only wants to debate with people that are objective enough and smart enough to continue a discussion.

    Which is why Marc has had so much success on his show, look at that debate about releasing torture photos with Michael Gallagher. Mike was just regurgitating talking points and O’Reilly even knew he was full of shit.

  13. Dr. Lamont Hill

    You are a joke and I think you don’t know it! To think a learnt man allow a pervert to disrespect him and call him to his face “a drug dealer”…..Is shameful! To think O’Reilly a pervert felt it was ok to disrespect you and black people! This is the idiot that made the comment when eating at a restaurant with Al Sharpton ” he was surprise to see that black knew how to use utensil” …A PERVERT! Dr. Hill you seem so happy to be on TV you allow this pervert racist stupid idiot to talk down to YOU! First …you need to visit a speech therapist…you sound STUPID! When you was asked what President Obama did sent being in office….Only healthcare came out your mouth!It is so stupid to hear people that are against America’s new healthcare reform bill! Acting like pure idiot! Not one thing is different other then healthcare in America is better for all Americans! Something is so selfish about the complainers of healthcare! Like the people of Boston Mass. where they have universal healthcare. But voted in a senator they thought would vote against healthcare for the rest of the country! Or Dan Rather that called the healthcare bill socialism BUT the idiot receive medicate and social security! So I ask how did you like change? Remember 70% of voting America voted for President Obama and a voted for CHANGE! So Mr Hill your PERSPECTIVE on healthcare

    1. President Obama change healthcare better then any of the 43 pass Presidents!Got a bill past the seven decade of politician could not do!
    2. President Obama is closing the prison in Cuba prosecuting inmates that former President Bush claim where trying to kill Americans!
    3. President Obama is closing down the needless war in Iraq bringing American troops home!
    4. President Obama is investing billions into sending Americans to college thought taxes cut and funding
    5. President Obama has successfully negotiate with Russia reducing arms for a better America and a better world for the future.
    6. President Obama has started talk with other country on Global warming for a better America!
    7 President Obama sign a stimulus package that kept millions American from closing their job kept police and firefighter employed company in bussiness.
    8. President Obama gave $4,000 deduction if you purchase a new energy efficient new car !
    9. President Obama gave tax deduction to American citizen that purchase energy efficient applicants.
    10. President Obama sign a bill to start off shore drilling that will bring jobs to Americans! And reduce dependents on oversea! Because of BP oil spill President Obama secure 20 billion…when the cap was 75 million!
    11. President Obama approve 30,0000 more troops in Afghanistan and smartly put a time table on their return home. He has a plan Bush &Cheney DID NOT!
    12. President Obama pass the best credit card reform bill in America history….

  14. Bill O’Reilly is the very evil type of racist! Mr. Hill for someone that has all this education comes off stupid when on O’Reilly Show! What O’Reilly does is have other people come on his show and act like he is against the lies they bring up! BUT he let them bring it UP! Mr.Hill should have enough education to put O’Reilly in his place! And stop being so happy to be on TV!

  15. Many black Americans DON’T GET IT! Police brutality has evolve and disrespect all around is up toward human being by human being especially human being with authority ! Hate and divide is up…take Fox News never in America’s history have we Americans seen a news channel devoted to disrespecting the President of the United State! Look at the court shows like Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown and Judge Mathis….Look how the power that be allows these judges to disrespect the litigants. Judge Judy is down right nasty for no reason! Judge Joe Brown is nasty but most of all he is STUPID and shows off he the camera! Judge Mathis is a total thug that needs anger classes he is a sick and I believe pure STUPID! He also shows off for the camera! This man yell and disrespects litigants and seem to be angry for no reason. I truly believe that the white power structure allows Mathis and Brown to act like idiot and disrespect litigants. Especially black people this way white judges can justify disrespecting black people. All they have to say is look how the two stupid ignorance black judges talk against black litigants! But what many blacks DON’T GET….Police officer that abuse citizen see these judges disrespect citizen and know. If they disrespect citizen kick beat murder especially black people there will be NO justice for the citizen. They see how disrespectful the judges are toward citizen! Then it’s the judges that are not on TV they see these disrespectful judges act like pure idiot and they start to do the same! So as we laugh at Judge Judy sarcasms or Judge Joe Brown threatening to fight a litigant or Judge Mathis angry and sick behavior…Just remember this behavior is helping hate and divide and violent against YOU the American citizen….So keep on laughing!

  16. Bait Car Program” the program is nothing more then mostly white cops getting their kick off of messing with minorites community. They don’t goes near rich or white community. Giving those communites a pass! Some of the idiot that steal these planted tax payer cars are buzz or drunk! That mean these idiot cops are providing a car to someone that is drinking! So the tax payer and the police department may cause the public danger! Constantly you hear one of the cops repeating “we not entrapping anyone BULL! They say that over and over to convince themselves of that LIE! Or an entire neighborhood in jeopardy of a shoot out! An unnecessary shoot out caused by the tax payer and the police department! Cops have a proven record of shooting wildly in minorities community! Every black person should boycott this program for theit personal safety!The communities knows not only are they entrapping these people they are baiting them into crime! They also repeat that they are helping the community BULL! First many times they leave the keys in the bait car” and the door open! Sometime the car is running that to me is entrapment! Or at the lease enticement! The whole ideal of entrapment is alway in the back of my mind when I look at the “Bait Car program! The fact that most of these car thief are sick idiot with a problem of stealing! It makes me think that nobody that was trying to help a drug sick person. Would give them drugs or put drugs in their reach! It just seem wrong! It just seem WRONG to claim to work to help a community instead you create a situation that continue to bring down a community.Given the fact that white cops like to shoot unarmed minority! Death could be the end to tax payer set up! A fake situation could very well turn into death!

  17. Shamefully black children or children period are NOT a reason for special precaution with cops. Over the years children have been burn alive “””remember WACO”? 74 Americans where burn alive 24 children of those 24….. 10 where newborns! When it come to black children there is absolutely no precautions or concern of taken! Black children as young as 6 year old have been order to the ground at gun point and a foot put on their head or back or neck! Screaming scared out of their minds is of no care or concern of police officers. Especially white police officers! We have seen arrest evolve from “put your hands up “to get down on the ground ” ! A 200 pound plus cop will either put his knee on the citizen neck,head or back! That same cop may then handcuff the citizen and many times hold a conversation with either the citizen or another cop while his knee is on the citizen neck,head or back! The reason this is done is to provoke a reaction from the citizen either trying to breath or adjusting his or her body. If you move for any reason the cop can justify in his mind beating or tasering or shooting the citizen..The court system will justify the murder! Today white racist cop have no fear of the court system! Police brutality is caught on video before the victim is out the hospital the abuse cops are back to work…When it comes to police shooting UNARMED innocent American citizen especially black American citizen..Before the body in the ground cops are back to work and the court system said…NOT GUILTY!

  18. It is outrageous and so obvious and stupid and disrespectful! The spend the white control media is trying to put on the Russian Spy incident! The media is trying to suggest that the President of the United State was somehow too friendly with the Russian President to the point of disrespecting the office of the President….This is STUPID and disrespect to all Americans! First the ten Russian Spy’s where in this country over ten year. Entering the country during former President G. W. Bush. and before President Obama and the Present President of Russia where in office! What the media could have done is stated that under President Obama the Russian Spys where CAUGHT! But given the way the white control media have been operating…Criticizing and disrespecting any and everything the President does! Like BP oil spill! Or stimilus package that save million Americans job! The Wall Street Bailout! Obamacare.. which is out and out disrespectful….It is the American healthcare reform plan…. BUT most if not all white control media collectively decide to disrespect President Obama by calling it Obamacare! Just like the Tea Party gang they complain and disrespect and criticize President when it is no reason..! Whether the media or the crazy people want to admit..President Obama is putting out fires that former President G.W. Bush started…Two wars …the Iraq war for NOTHING! Taking a surplus and turning it into DEPT! Deregulation for the oil industry and not properly funding any program Bush & Cheney started that lead to the financial downfall of the country! The Republican run Congress did a disservice to the country NOW is openly criticizing President Obama for trying to fit the mess they made! WITH THE HELP OF THE WHITE CONTROL MEDIA!

  19. I watch HBO’s “My Trip to Al-Qaeda” a documentary of parts of the Iraq war! It was a scene showing American troops making Iraqis citizen come out of their homes so they could search the home! The mother father and two children where ordered out and hands up and to their knees! The little girl lips quiver in fear as she when to her knees! As a black American I was jealous of their treatment . Given the fact that in America black Americans are order face down and a two hundred pound plus cop put their knee on their head back or neck. To think that non-Americans are treated better then black Americans in other counties! To think that in America a police raid can result in the death of black children while sleeping eating or just walking around their home! A black child’s unarmed mother can be shot in the head and the child’s finger shot off! All the cop has to say ” I feared for my life’ OR I thought he or she had a gun” or I heard gunfire! Then they are back to work before the body out the hospital or in the ground! Looking at the program” My Trip to Al-Qaeda I thought to myself as a black American . We as black people are seen no better then terrorist and are seen as just as evil by the white control media and the government and especially white police officers! The first black President is experience the same hatred and disrespect. Now we all know that to be true but the gutless white control media will NEVER state that fact! Hate and divide is the agenda of the Republican party and the white control media! Even white democrats are against the President base on their racist belief! They care more about hatred then America coming out of the mess Bush/Cheney and the Republican Party put US in! Kathryn Johnston 92 year old and black Sean Bell just 25 and black and Mr Diallo just 23 and black are all dead because they happen to be seen as less then human! SEEN LESS THEN HUMAN!!!


    Man plus authority equal disrespect AGAIN for the people that did not understand! Give a person authority over another person in America and abuse of authority will follow! Shamefully that is a fact in America! We see it when we turn on Judge Judy,Judge Brown, and Judge Mathis and the People Court! All the judges are over the top and disrespectful to litigant and the court system. Judge Judy refer to a litigant as “A Thing” or Fool or Your an IDIOT! Judge Brown is not only disrespectful but STUPID he talks over the litigant and has no control in the courtroom! He and Judge Mathis both have threaten litigant with bodily harm! Authority un-check or not monitor lead to abuse of authority! Just like white police officers that shoot unarmed non-combating black children and adults! Years ago white police officer that shot unarmed black Americans would plant gun in their hands to justify murder of unarmed black citizen! Today they just say ” I thought he or she had a gun” or “I feared for my life” or he or she was reaching for something! Those statements along is enough to justify a murder of a black American! Now with the introduction of tasers cops have just went crazy. Tasering citizen for not sign tickets in common especially senior citizen and pregnant woman! Politician and Judges and Chief of Police are more concern in keeping incompetent and out and out STUPID police officers on the force. Then correcting or protecting American citizen especially black citizen! So disrespect of American citizen has evolve especially among black American citizen! Years ago cops would arrest you by saying ” put your hands up’ or turn around and put your hands behind your back. You where handcuffed and place in a patrol car! Today black people especially are order face down and a cop would place his knee on the neck head or back. Many time holding a conversation with you or other officers. If you move the officer would start shouting”stop resisting. This way he or she can justify beating or shooting you to death! When you are only moving to adjust your body from the pain his or her body is creating! So ones again authority un-check and not monitor or corrected leads to abuse of authority! Especially black people who have a history of being mistreated and disrespected by whites in authority! Just think there are politician that made it illegal to wear saggy pants and are charging violator a $200 fine! But a seven year old sleeping black female can be burn with a flash grenade then shot to death by a Detroit police officer and not a politician propose a bill to prevent or correct that from happening again! Or a 92 year old black senior citizen female can be murder in her home shot 39 time 6 bullets hitting their mark! Then handcuffed and allowing the human being to DIE! Then planting a gun and drug on the dying lady after finding out they where in the wrong home! No politician propose any new legislation to prevent correct stop this evil from ever happening again! BUT saggy pant ?????????

  21. Under former President Ronald Reagan the Republican party high jack Christianity many had not seen a church in years! Reagan today is like a Republican GOD but Republican will never acknowledge that he serve the last two and a half year suffering from Alzheimer and refuse to resign! So in reality Reagan didn’t run the country! He would rather put the country at risk!The white Republican Party are a bunch of phoney that realize that white people ( their base) HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT! And will not investigate past the idiot the fool the liar the racist that inform them! The Tea Party back Republicans are well aware of that fact and are supporting true stupid idiot Republican with extreme and insane change! Like turning over social security to Wall Street” and sending more jobs oversea. Republican Pat Toomey is sick and has always back bills to destroy the financial strength of America and wants corporation to pay NO taxes! Christine O’Donnell is a sick Devil Worshiper and whites are following and vote for her with no problem! Republican are responsible for the horrible condition of the country! There plan is to demonize any effort that President Obama attempted or gets past in the senate to fix the mess they create! Sarah Palin is a proven idiot and a quitter and the front runner for Republican President! GO FIGURE??? This just proves that white people are misguided and un-educate about America’s moral standard in the world! Today because of un-educate white Americans. America is seen as a third world country and plain stupid! White Republican have been the problem in this country for many years! Two wars and the Iraq War for NOTHING! Causing the needless death of American citizen! White American want to reward Republican for stupidity and murder of American troops! The financial downfall of America happen under Republican after receiving a surplus from the Democrat President! 9/11 happen under Republican rule because of Republican policy and their deep hatred for Muslim and their racist belief. The same belief system that is destroying America! The white control media is behind the white Republican Party and support their efforts to regain power!

  22. Ones again white hatred and disrespect of American value are under attack by racist white American terrorist! White Americans are bringing shame to America and disrespecting every American! Also the whites who are silence against this evil are just as guilty! This is nothing more then white racism 101 in America! The Tea Party” Sarah Palin ,Glenn Beck , and Bill O’Reilly love to see hate and divide in America! They also love to lie about the country and make statements like “we want our country back and President Obama is not a American! Newt Gingrich is another white racist that was responsible for the downfall of America with his stupid Contract With America that started the downfall of the country. So now he blames President Obama and attack the President and state that the President is a African and don’t understand US! “US WHO? President Obama the President of the United State of America is being attack for speaking in America to a American school in America to American students! He going to tell the children that nothing is out of reach if they stay in school! He will also tell the children about his school days! Last year many white American pulled their children out of school when the President visit to tell the same message! White racism and white greed and white stupidity are the three evils that will continue to make America evil and look like a third rate country! The white Americans that participate in this evil shame the country and make America a laughing stock around the world!The lack of white leadership in America is behind the continuation of white racism and white stupidity and white greed and hate and divide and the financial downfall of the country! To think the President of the United State is not welcome in a American school! Other country laugh at America and the way whites disrespect the Constitution and fellow American and the President of their country! Their behavior is no better then terrorist that hate all Americans! My question: Just like whites criticize and demonize black people and blame all black people for the action of one! Where is white people self evaluation of themselves???? Why haven’t white people stop crime in their community 90% white on white crime is never explain or talked about! Where is the discussion on child molesting, incest, bank robbery, mental illness, AIDS, high school drop out in white community all mention very high! Poverty which is highest among white then any other race in America and never corrected and explain by the 43 white only Presidents???!

    Today more then ever if a black person claim racism it is dismiss and not taken serious! Especially if the black person is making the claim to another white person! But when you see a pattern when you see that white cops over and over are shooting unarmed black people! Many time while face down! When you see only black children are stopped and frisk going and coming from school in New York! Some as young as ten. Made to take their shoes off and sometime drop their trouser in public view! When you hear over and over again that another black unarmed man has been murder by cops in a held of 41 to 50 and sometime as high as 100 bullets! When you hear a pregnant black woman has been taser and beaten in front of her child by another white cop! Then when you hear that a 92 year old black senior citizen( home alone) is gun down in a held of 39 bullets 6 hitting their mark in a wrong house raid. Then the gutless white officer handcuff a dying senior citizen and plant drug in her home and a gun in her hand! When you hear a sleeping 7 year old unarmed black child in first burn with a flash bomb and then shot dead in the neck! In another wrong house raid! When you see a black man beaten like a dog caught on camera in California (Mr. King)! Were upwards of 26 white cop just watch and never stop a crime being commit by four white cops! Then it happen again in Philly but this time it’s four innocent black men caught on videotape being kick in the head and beat like there was so much hatred! Then when you see America justice system defend the action of racially motivate beating and pure murders over and over again! IT’S RACISM! Yet Katie Couric does a hour show from Afghanistan to report on the abusive treatment of women in that country! Nancy Grace show are devoted to showing America crimes against white people by white people (white on white crime). Bearly does she devote her program to black American crime victim! Aiyana Jone was just 7 years old and burn and shot dead by a white Detroit cop. The story was in the news all of two days maybe three. Katie Couric, Nancy Grace even Oprah didn’t do a hour show on this black childs wrongful death!

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