Does the GOP Need Steele’s Blackness?


Sophia Nelson wrote an interesting piece at TheRoot about Michael Steele. She says:

The GOP never wanted Steele in the first place. But they needed him—and they still do. Steele’s conservative backers like to tout him as a Republican who “happens to be black.” They couldn’t be more wrong. Republicans need Steele because he’s black. And that won’t change any time soon.

To read the article, click here.

6 thoughts on “Does the GOP Need Steele’s Blackness?

  1. I’ve long thought that libertarianism is the path of success for the GOP. I’m just not sure the Christian Right will let that happen. They are just not into freedom they don’t define.

  2. The GOP needs a *credible* housenigro—Powell got uppity with Massuh and Clarence can’t do nothing for them from the Bench…so the only salvation is Condi, and they think Michelle is scary!

    Despite her ties to the Bush administration, Condi is the only real HOPE for the GOP, and IF she ever decides to come into her own and VOICE her opinions, Obama’ll be in for a bigger fight than what he had to face against Hillary.

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  4. electing Steele as the GOP Leader really shows how far off the GOP actually is. Just because the man is Black doesnt mean that Blacks and Young Folk will flock to the party. Everyone can look at him and tell he’s a ‘token’. We’re smarter than that! When the GOP realizes that they can gain more allies by respecting and actually working with various minority groups (instead of just throwing a chicken bone to entice them), they might actually grow the party and be back in favor again.

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