Goodbye Keith

For those that don’t know, activist and blogger Keith Boykin has decided to discontinue his daily blog.
After years of holding down one of the best sites on the web, Keith has decided to devote more time to writing books and maintaining his considerable activist presence. While I understand his decision (after all, daily blogging can be a major pain in the ass), I’m still going to miss his brilliant and unique voice.


11 thoughts on “Goodbye Keith

  1. Though I’ve never visited his site…I’ll take your word Doc that he was tight….I appreciate black people doing thier thang…but listen here Doc, don’t go getting any bright magnificent ideas okay!…I like this shop…it’s cute..

  2. aight well peep…you gotta start charging at the door, $20 a head…line-ups and fades go up an additional $5…twists, locks, and braids an extra $10…and then shoot while you’re at it…you can start opening the doors on the weekends…and if you need a cute shampoo girl..i might know someone;-)…

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Keith was a very insightful man and I frequent his blogs everyday. He will be dearly missed!!

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