Marc Lamont Hill vs. Ann Coulter on Larry King Live

Last night, I squared off with Ann Coulter on Larry King Live. Although we agreed on very little –we discussed the 9/11 Mosque, immigration, gay marriage, terrorism, free trade, and other major issues of the day– I had a fun time. Watch the video and leave your thoughts below!

17 thoughts on “Marc Lamont Hill vs. Ann Coulter on Larry King Live

  1. I watched you guys last night and totally enjoyed myself.
    You guys are the few pundits I can stomach watching these days.
    Thanks for the memories.

  2. Great debate. It’s mind boggling how Ann Coulter and other conservative Republicans simultaneously argue for the separation of church & state whilst agreeing that the state should run with Christian values. Big contradiction.

    As for Palin getting more attention than the President, Ann fails to realize that other substandard individuals and celebrities (Lindsay Lohan, Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, etc.) have more influence that the President too. Palin is far from alone. That’s the problem period.

    On the other hand, great debate. Kudos for keeping a straight face with some of Ann Coulter’s asinine statements. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think this is the first time in my life that I agreed with Ann Coulter. Being a black man in america has nothing to do with same-sex marriage. FYI Marc, most black people in America have christian beliefs. We believe that marriage should be between a male and a female. That is how life is created. That is how a healthy family is made. It’s human nature. It has nothing to do with civil rights. Now you guys want to compare the civil rights movement of blacks and replace black with gay. Bro, it’s not the same. The color of someone skin is different than someone’s sexual preference. Next thing you know some animal lovers are going to want to marry their pet and you are going to be all for it because it’s their civil right. You may not respect the meaning marriage, but us black folks still do.

  4. I really enjoyed this debate. I must say that Ann has calmed down quite a bit. I remember her as a venomous snake just waiting to strike. But this was a civilized conversation without all the in-your-face type of talk. You were right on with your points and data to back up your statements.

  5. @Da Truth: People like you are so ignorant it hurts me. “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.” Not 43 years ago you wouldn’t have been allowed to marry on religious grounds. That you can say this is maddening. People like you make me sick. If I had a time machine I’d send you back 50 years so you could suffer for your civil rights. Don’t you know that they said that back then too!? If you let the blacks marry whites soon we’ll be marrying our dogs and cats.

  6. I have always enjoyed Hill’s contribution on the factor. He seems to have disappeared because he was unable to prove his defamatory remarks attributing racism to the Tea Party movement. I will miss him even though I never agree with him. I found a formidable voice from the left.

  7. I agree that Ann is more civil than normal in this interview. She must be crushing on Marc… Anyway, it’s embarassing to hear Marc say that if put to a vote, most people wouldn’t give Blacks the right to vote. What if we put voting rights for whites to a vote? Hispanics? Asians? What about women or men for that matter? What’s the point? Because I’m black I should only think one way? Should all whites think the opposite just because of the way their ancestors treated mine? This is definitely an issue of individual values, not arbitrary discrimination.

    I’ve never agreed with Ann Coulter before, but the point she made about everyone having the right to marry is 100% correct. We draw lines based on the consensus of the majority, which is based on individuals’ values, whether they be influenced by religion, philosophy, or whim. In that sense, the gay marriage debate is starting to level out, and maybe one day gays will be able to marry…maybe someday we’ll be able to marry anything we love (cats, dogs, toasters). Maybe one day we’ll lower the voting and drinking ages to include EVEYONE. Maybe a lot of things…but to tell me that I should be for or against any of these things because of what was done to Black people in the past is the ultimate ignorant.

  8. Oh, and as for the interracial marriage arguement — interracial marriage is of no more advantage to one race than to any other. People of all races are equally priviledged to be able to marry outside their race. Just saying, cause this issue seems to always be brought up as if Black people are forever clammoring at the opportunity to marry White people. LOL!

  9. Just want to say thanks for understanding the issue so clearly Mr. Hill, I appreciate the effort.

  10. Sorry, I’m not going to watch that adam’s apple women spew her hatred against my fellow Americans.

    But when I read Da Thuth’s comment, I had to post. As someone else mentioned, You people make me sick. If we allow gay marriage, then the natural evolution will be to marry ANIMALS? for the love of Gawd Man, talk some sense. Why are you CHRISTIANS so freaking obsessed with sex and people’s bedrooms? What do you care what others do in the privacy of their own homes?
    Along side my neighbors, I see families with grown children that have lived here for 20 yrs and a GAY couple that has been here longer than they all have. What right do you have to take away that commitment to each other? What right do you have to peer into their bedroom and decide that the love they share isn’t true? Isn’t NORMAL? How dare you criticize them? How long have YOU been married in a committed relationship? It’s hatred and your spouting your Christian nonsense is more hypocritical! WWJD indeed.

  11. Marc,

    I am a black woman in America and I totally disagree with what you said about gay marriage being a civil rights issue. As many have said, it is not my preference to be black, I was born that way. Though many argue the issue about being born “gay” it is still a choice of sexuality. It doesn’t make sense to say people should marry whomever they like. I agree with Ann that this belief has nothing to do with a religious narrative as you put it, but is the basis of civilization. If a man and a woman do not unite and procreate to produce children you are promoting a sterile, non-productive society with broken families that is not conducive to the survival of the human race. Should I also be able to marry my son because I love him? Should I marry my mother? Should I marry my dog lucky? or my horse because I want to. Where do you draw the line, just because it’s what people want to do? This is not a civil rights issues, this is an issue of asking Americans to accept and legalize something that is by nature completely wrong and unnatural. If a man and a man or a woman and a woman could have children then, there would be no debate and it would completely change the history of the human race and reverse scientific findings, etc, but that is not the case. The black family has the highest rates of divorce and single parent homes and are extremely broken. The family as a whole in all races is broken across the nation due to over 50% of marriages ending in divorce. With these statistics and the brokenness of the family already at crisis level, why further the issue by completely changing what a marriage is suppose to be? Changing the concept of family? Also, why denigrate hundreds of years of suffering of our own people who you say just got civil rights by comparing that to gay marriage rights? How can you say that is the same thing?

  12. I just stumbled on one of your articles from 2006 in regards to the “New Black Church” and decided to do some additional research on you. I must say that it has really sparked an interest in a number of topics that you’ve brought up and debated. I really enjoyed this debate with Ann Coulter. I just wanted to say thank you.

  13. Nice Job, at first i thought you were out-classed. After listening to the whole debate again, I must say you really did an excellent job. I was a bit disappointed at your response regards her speaking about your dad and black people, but that is debatable. Your grasp of all that was discussed was impressive.Very nice job…


  14. I’m fascinated by Ms. Coulter’s “everybody wants to be black” comment. Does she only see white (privileged) and black (or, oppressed) as the sole polar points of political power balance in the US, and the world? If she and others like her can only simplify the history of such struggles to a trite “black” and “white” how are we to get them to comprehend the incredible range of oppressive and destructive behavior becoming more rampant throughout this world?

    Much less reason with a country which is so willing and quick to use deadly force?

    A large part of the problem is the inability to recognize the larger patterns of oppressive behavior. Instead, it’s “now everybody wants to be black”. American identity, especially white identity politics, is just crazy to me.

    I suppose she seems to have softened, but hearing her reference the old Reagan BS about state aid given to “illegitimacy” is really making my stomach turn…

    I did enjoy this very much!

  15. DADT: I can’t help but post a response to the discussion of sexual behavior in the US military. Watching their behavior in Okinawa, knowing that only since the 1990’s have the US military there began to temper their incredible tolerance (or even encouragement of) extremely aggressive behavior by SOME american soldiers, listening to this claim that supposedly talking about one’s sex life will affect military readiness is just maddening.

    Knowing that the higher ups in the military do not pay much mind to how soldiers have behaved towards women especially at overseas bases, it sounds incredibly disingenuous to me that gay sexual orientation can’t be tolerated.

    It’s sickening knowing that sexually aggressive behavior towards females both on- and off-base are an everyday reality but when someone wants to simply date and not worry if they’re being spotted in public, or if a soldier wants to speak freely in email, that’s where the US military suddenly acts so ridiculously scandalized. Nobody wants to talk about their sex life, and not to Ann Coulter!

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