Mel Gibson and the Politics of Apologies


“Liquor make you tell the truth.”

My Aunt Sarah used to tell me this whenever someone in the family would try to apologize for getting drunk and hurting someone’s feelings. Her point was that, despite our attempts to “blame it on the alcohol,” the state of inebriation doesn’t prompt us to say things we don’t really mean. Instead, spirits simply remove the inhibitions that suppress our innermost thoughts and feelings. As a result, we should not put much stock in the subsequent apology, which has more to due with embarrassment than remorse.

This has certainly proved to be the case for Mel Gibson.

In 2006, an intoxicated Gibson was pulled over for speeding on a Malibu highway. As the police attempted to take him into custody, Gibson went on a lengthy and vicious anti-Semitic tirade, blaming the Jews for everything from global warfare to Bobby Brown leaving New Edition. Fully aware that such moves are a severe occupational hazard, a sobered up Gibson quickly issued a public statement in which he expressed regret and shame for his antics. More importantly, he expressed disbelief at the anti-Semitic venom of his own comments, assuring the public that his drunken rant was not reflective of his true beliefs. To underscore his point, Gibson quickly checked into a rehabilitation center, sparking a new celebrity trend of using rehab as means of wedging space between their hate-speech and their individual character.

Soon after the incident, Jewish leaders like Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, made it clear that they were unwilling to accept Gibson’s apology. Simply put, they didn’t believe him.

The mother wit of my Aunt Sarah aside, there were multiple reasons to believe that Gibson was less than contrite. Despite numerous attempts, Gibson failed to unequivocally reject his father’s claims that the Holocaust never happened, instead choosing to sidestep the question with fancy rhetorical footwork. Also, The Passion of the Christ, Gibson’s record-breaking film, placed exclusive blame on the Jews for the death of Jesus at the expense of Roman accountability. Additionally, Gibson had made a career of uttering equally vicious public statements against other groups, such as women and the LGBT community. Surely, all of these issues weighed into the ADL’s decision to reject Gibson’s dubious apology.

Now, in the wake of Gibson’s most recent outbursts, they have been proven right.

According to several published reports, Gibson has been caught on tape and e-mail making equally offensive comments during an argument with his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. In the midst of an intense argument over custody of their 8-month-old child, Gibson repeatedly called Grigorieva a “b—-,” “c—,” and “whore,” promised to burn down her home, and threatened to sodomize her. Gibson warned his ex that her appearance would get her “raped by a pack of niggers.”

Apparently, they didn’t cover racism and misogyny during his last trip to “hate rehab.”

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10 thoughts on “Mel Gibson and the Politics of Apologies


    Tom Cruise for example, after his crazy Scientology thing, people were like this mother effer is stupid and so his fame fell. Same will happen for Gibson

  2. Mel Gibson has attacked Jews, black people and white women he has made no secrets that he is a racist! Mel Gibson is just a window into many white Americans thoughts! Atty. General Eric Holder said it and he was right! We Americans are coward for not telling the truth about race in America! Mel Gibson is not alone and if more white people where truthful America can arrest their believe system. White racism destroys democracy equality merit and much more! White racism has infiltrated American government, law enforcement, America’s school system, the movie industry. All phases of entertainment American media, housing, banking etc. Of all the places white racism have infiltrated that is down right disgraceful is the United State military! To think as minorities are fighting and dying in two wars. They are met with racism. Minorities are deny promotion and metals and rewards that is given to white soldier like candy! More black innocent unarmed children are murder by cops then any other race of America as young as two years old! And innocent unarmed black senior citizen as old as 92 years! Black men are beaten and search for nothing more then Police officer CAN! Stop & Frisk is a way of life for school Black children in New York walking home! Black children are made to take of shoes and sometime drop trouser in clear view off the public. Racial Profiling is a way of life for many driving black people! The white control media reports daily about black on black crime! And black American lifestyle all thing that are negative in the black community is repeated over and over 24/7! So it’s know wonder that Mel Gibson and many other whites think of blacks as dirt and lowlife and not to be respected…IT’S HOW BLACKS ARE TREATED IN AMERICA!

  3. Mel is not a racist, he is a pompous rich asshole.

    He doesn’t like women, Jews, blacks, or police. His list gets bigger and bigger as the days go on. If you cant target the hate, you cant call it racism.

  4. No, I’d say that he is racist, as well as a pompous rich a**hole. He just has many targets of hate. He’s racist, along with Anti-Semitic and mysogynistic. Where there’s racism, there’s other types of hate/ignorance too. It never fails.

  5. I have no problem with what Mel Gibson has allegedly said about his wife being raped by “a bunch of n-words”. Mel is free to use the n-word all he wants. I have no claims of ownership to it. If I’m gonna be offended by what he supposedly said, then I’m calling myself an n-word. That word has no personal relationship to me. When the discussion of Indians being offended by their ethnic names being use as sports team names. The first thing someone say is, “what if they called the team the Washington “N-words”? Well, what if they did. It wouldn’t offend me. I don’t belong to any ethnic group called the n-words and don’t know of any Black people that do. Why should we go to such lengths to be upset with someone using a word that we need to distance ourselves from to begin with. After all, Mel Gibson was having a private conversation and I don’t recall if any of us Black folks were invited. Just like when I’m watching a basketall games and the white player misses a key shot. I don’t dare want my white friends to here what I got to say about the guy or white players in general. It’s my private conversation that more than likely will take place in the privacy of my own home.

  6. Todd you have totally missed the point, it is not just that he used the N-word, look at the context of his use of it. I would have been equally offended if he said ‘you can get raped by a pack of black men’ – first of all his use of the word ‘pack’ which by dictionary definition means: a group of certain animals of the same kind, esp. predatory ones e.g. a pack of wolves. Todd if you dont see anything inherently racist with refering to black people to a group of predatory canines- then you are being delusional.

    Furthermore, by introducing the concept of rape, he is further promoting the negative stereotype placed on BOTH black men and women of being hyper-sexualized animals devoid of self-control. Todd, though me and you may disagree about the use of the n-word (I think it reveals racist Mel Gibson’s racist attitudes – you may not) nevertheless I dont think a rational person can disagree about the overall racist overtones of his rant.

  7. Why do cops get away with murder?
    I’m not anti-cop or anything like that but why is it that cops can shoot people in the back, or who are unarmed or running away and not get the death penalty or even convicted.

    I also know that cops only have like a short amount of time to react when someone pull a weapon on them and attacks, but very few people ever go as far as to shoot cops (without a good reason). Most the people who do attack cops are either: (1)mental -as in have a mental disease (2) were attacked by the cops first and the cops were undercover and did not identify themselves as cops until they started shooting. (3) Just psycho criminals.

    If someone genuinely comes at a uniformed office then the cop has the right to defend himself. But self defense works both ways. I wouldn’t suggest shooting a cop even in self defense unless your willing to move cities. Every person who has ever been found innocent of defending themselves from a cop has ended up shot by police at a later date or killed by prison guards. Then again police murder the other witness in their so-call justify shooting!

    Why is it that cops can kick down your door and shoot you in your own house and just make up stories like they saw you reaching for your waist, and then they find nothing but a wallet, which everyone has on their body. (RIP–Mr. Diallo and Ms. Johnston)

    Lets be honest no one wants to go to jail for murder so when cops shoot people because they are over aggressive they are just going to make up some BS story, anyone in that position would do it. Why is it for example that when cops see there own colleagues shoot people they don’t arrest them and treat them like everyone else.( RIP–Mr. Sean Bell)

    Worst of all the judges are too scared of cops to ever convict them of a crime even if they are obviously guilty. No other person in society, not even Texas could shoot someone in handcuffs in the back or 50 times and claim that they were under pressure, stress, and it was some form of self -defense and not get the death penalty. AGAIN( RIP–Mr.Sean Bell and Oscar Grant)

    I think all cops should be forced to wear video cameras in their hat so everyone can see who the real criminals are. I’m sure spending all your day around people who commit illegal act must have some kind of effect on you.

    Rodney King was beaten by three white cops under the supervision of a white police Sergeant! BUT upwards of 27 male and female white cops witness the crime. And did nothing to stop the crime BUT watch. Why haven’t they been charge with a crime? Why didn’t the prosecutors go after them?

    Kathryn Johnston was a 92 year old black woman murder by three white cops! Only two where prosecute and receive less then 11 years! After they shot a 92 years old black innocent female 39 times 6 bullets hitting the target then they handcuff her .Didn’t call for an ambulance let her bleed to death! Then they planted drugs then they tried to get someone to lie and say they purchase from the home of Ms. Johnston!

    Aiyana Jones just 7 years old and innocent of any crimes was asleep and was burn and shot by a cop and many other cops stood by and let it happen! Where is the judges and prosecutors? WHERE IS JUSTICE FOR THAT CHILD?

  8. Okay. I just listened to the tapes, and the new tape put out today.

    My conclusion is that the last thing we should talk about is the use of the N word once.

    He repeatedly told her that all she needs to do in life is to blow him, told her that she needs to get hit in the head with a bad, and is heard grunting like an animal at points.

    If this is a topic for a racism discussion then we all need to re-evaluate our ideals.

    Google the tape online, listen to just the last tape and then let me know if you feel the same way.

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