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  1. I peeped you on Hip- Hop vs America last night with yo girl Melissa Harris-Lacewell. Ya’ll doing the damn thang. You got my vote.

  2. Here is my 2 cents: (they better hire yo ass after all this typing…I’m supposed to be working!)

    Dr. Hill would be a fantastic replacement for Tavis!

    He is young and very much in touch with current events, as well as the things that young people (20-something’s) are into. He is also an active leader in his community, in the country and in the global village. Dr. Hill was extremely involved in the fight to free Genarlow Wilson, and has lent his voice and talents to countless other causes directly impacting the Black community. He is sharp & witty and as we have seen from his appearances on Fox News, he is able to make clear, concice, factual and hard-hitting points under intense fire.

    Overall, I think that Dr. Hill would bring a fresh perspective to the TJMS and bringing him on would be beneficial for the show, for him and for the Black community at large.

  3. I nominated you…I suggested that you would contribute an intergenerational perspective, wit, and knowledge. I love the call and response blog w/Melissa on The Root.

  4. Was the picture necessary since it is radio. But no matter you got my vote. long time reader short on comments.

  5. Was the picture necessary since it is radio. But no matter you got my vote. long time reader short on comments.

    Comment by j — June 26, 2008 @ 4:57 pm

    Any excuse Dr. Hill gets for putting a picture of himself up, he takes with reckless abandon. You must be new here LOL

  6. Dr. Hill, I put in my nomination on the TJMS website. I used a lot of your bio text from your “about me” page. I am surprised at your interest in this position to tell you the truth. Isn’t your plate already kinda full…not to be in your business too much. Plus, the culture of the show is so archaic and stuck in the 70’s. I do listen anyway some mornings now that Jacque Reid is on the show. They are making an effort to bring in fresh new perspectives. But, I could tell that she went through some changes early on trying to break through the culture of the show and the constant inappropriate jokes and interruptions by the DJ’s during her stories. But, if you can handle the folks at Fox I know you can deal with the issues with TJMS. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds. Much respect, Michael.

  7. Blaxx and others…I often miss parts of the show that I want to hear. You can go to http://www.tjms.com and listen to specific parts of the show that you select under the IF YOU MISSED IT section. So, when Dr. Hill gets the position, you can tune in on your own time.

  8. I viewed the blog just in time to make my nomination before the deadline tonight. I completely support this move. I also think it was a good idea to use some information from your bio on this site; therefore, I would be accurate about your involvement and accomplishments. Way to go Dr. Hill!

  9. Marc,

    I truly admire and look up to you. I think this show would tarnish your image; unless you change the direction and creditability of the show. Which I’m sure you could do.

    But since you asked for it, I just put in my nomination. Hope it wasn’t too late!

    “Marc would bring a young, fresh, deeply intellectual perspective to the show.”

  10. Dr. Marc, I am going to vote for you, but I am still a littel salty about your most recent Obama post. I love the barbershop and appreciate you providing a platform where all people can be heard and respected. I also appreciate you willingness to be objective and open, dare I say supportive of GLBT issues. However, today for the first time, I was a little peeved at you concerning that post. So Good Luck, you get my vote and i have no doubt that you will represent the barbershop well!!!

  11. Tanya,

    The only way I ever found this site was through the Keith Boykin website. I have seen more than one post addressing gay marriage issues, homophobia issues and other content that leads me to believe that Dr. Marc is supportive of the community. You can bet your bottom dollar that if he were not I could not be an active member of the barbershop. I hope that answers your question. I can’t think of specific posts at this point.

  12. Dr. Marc, I just submitted my entry. Good luck, sir. I think you’d be AWESOME in that capacity.

  13. yes, chgosista…the music and the DJ’s can be dated 95% of the time…so I only check in sparingly for the guests and prefer to play my own tunes as I am getting ready in the morning. I know you didn’t ask LOL…but, my bigger issue is with syndicated radio…my town is monopolized by TJMS. We don’t have our own black radio morning show. when I get in the car, I can listen to Detroit’s WJLB, which still has a good local morning show…I miss the local DJ who used to be a lively reflection our city. What happened to local black radio shows?

  14. You are a very intellectual young BLACK man who has it all together. Your show that you are passionate about your views on politics, the youth etc. The best thing you can do is have faith in yourself and believe that you will gain that position. Go Marc Go!!!!

  15. Marc,

    I didn’t know if you were or were not supportive of GLBT issues. I was very interested in what made Robert believe you were.

    I read your take on the Hezekiah Walker issue and I am very surprised at your response. But now that I think about it, you do allow Timaree to post her sickness on here so…

    For the record, I love and support at people as my brothers and sisters in Christ. But I can not and do not support all behaviors and lifestyles.

  16. If they do pick Marc, they will have another Tavis Smiley. Not a good thing though. I can see it now, every Hip Hop dude and gal ever known to man will be on the show. Gotta keep the Price of the Powers of the Air happy right!!!!!!! That’s the only way. Give the people what they want: Sugar coated, watered down debates.

    See you soon marc, Q

  17. tanya, i’m failing to see any evidence of logic or faith in your comments regarding marc’s support of gay and lesbian issues. i’ve been studying the bible for over 20 years and i have yet to come across any passages that would indicate that christ left you in charge of the way other humans live their lives. in fact, your comments lead me to wonder if you are even a real person

  18. tanya, i’m failing to see any evidence of logic or faith in your comments regarding marc’s support of gay and lesbian issues. i’ve been studying the bible for over 20 years and i have yet to come across any passages that would indicate that christ left you in charge of the way other humans live their lives. in fact, your comments lead me to wonder if you are even a real person

  19. James,

    Cut the crap! You lack morals on every level, and you have not studied the Bible for over 20 years. I doubt you even own a Bible. You’re not fooling anyone!

    “i’m failing to see any evidence of logic or faith in your comments regarding marc’s support of gay and lesbian issues.”

    This sentence doesn’t make sense. What were you trying to say or ask here???

    Marc stated, “Personally, I have no problem (politically or theologically) with Walker or any other minister being gay.”

    This statement lacks logic. Homosexuality is wrong. It is against GOD. It is against humanity. Ministers are suppose to do what is right, and live for GOD and for humanity. How could any biblically sensible person not have a problem with a gay minister? (That question is not for you James, because you don’t know the Bible.)

    Homosexuality is a psychological ill. It is a defense mechanism. It is the attribute of weak and unstable people. To not have a problem with homosexuality is like not having a problem with pedophilia. Since Marc publicly expressed a “problem” with R. Kelly for his alleged pedophilia, I don’t understand how he could not have a “problem” with homosexuality.

    I am not in charge of how humans live, but GOD has told us in 2 Corinthians 6:14 (that’s scripture in the Bible) “Do not be unequally yoked”. Therefore, I can not and do not support homosexual behaviors or lifestyles.

    But Jesus has taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to love our enemies. So in Jesus’ name I love them, and would treat them with love and respect. And because I love them and want to see them live well and within GOD’s will, I will always condemn their behaviors in attempts to help them see the errors of their ways.

    PS – James, your comments have lead me to understand that you are real. A real fool. A Real Immoral Fool! But GOD looks out for children and fools, so you still have a chance.

  20. Mike, um, Tom Joyner is in his late 50s/early 60s–old school music is SIMPLY gonna be played. He does infuse “newness” in his playlist–but you’d know that if you were a regular listener. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather listen to the Bar-Kays, Cameo, Earth, Wind & Fire, etc., than “LOLLIPOP”, “GETTING SILLY” and all that other shit. Also, he plays Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Ledisi, etc.

    The only “oldness” I can think of that you may not be a fan of is his penchant for protesting/marching and stuff. AGAIN, HE’S OLD SCHOOL–it’s what he knows–it’s who he is. And I don’t have a problem with it.

  21. OK, so Tom only has SEVEN folks posted; however, all the text and other info says that there are EIGHT contenders. Is Dr. Marc the 8th one and I just didn’t see it?

  22. Marc,

    I don’t understand how you are not a top person on TJ’s selection panel. You have my vote! In the words of Beyonce…’He must not know bout’ you’….you’re awesome!
    If that doesn’t work out I think you and Melissa should team up and start your own show on CNN or Fox!

  23. Dr. Marc,

    I hope that we can discuss Tanya’s rant in another post. I am not sure that this is the post under which to have the most complete conversation. Tanya, “homosexuality is wrong” is your opinion and appearentlty your interpretation of biblical scripture. You are certainly entitled to both of those. I am what you reffered to as a biblically sensible person and an ordained licensed minister. I am also gay and I do not agree with your assertion that homosexuality is a psychological ill or a defense mechanism. It is unfair to classify all gay and lesbian people as weak and unstable. Being weak and unstable does not or cannot make one gay, just as being strong and stable cannot make you straight.

    And I fail to see how a persons sexuality can be lumped into the same category as someone who is a pedophile. Trying to make that comparison really shows your ignorance.

    Finally, of all of the scripture you could have thrown out, I think equally yoked was probably the absolute weakest one you could have chosen. Its okay that you are against homosexuality but dont attempt to judge others and make decisions about who is moral and who is not moral based on your own man made yardstick. God is bigger than you and offers a grace and mercy that surpasses all of mankinds understanding……….and I am soooo thankful for that!

  24. Marc:

    Its taken me a while to respond to this post as well as a few other posts because I am really trying to understand your stance on politics, Obama, etc. I do consider you to be a good person and somewhat of a friend but I dont think I will be nominating you for the TJMS. Something doesnt sit right with me and the ‘new’ Marc. There’s definitely been a change since you first started the blog and I am still searching to find out what that is. I will continue to support your blog but for now, I think it would be a mistake to have you on the show. I hope you understand where I’m coming from.


  25. Samara, unless it’s something personal, would you mind sharing with the rest of us why you don’t think Marc is the right fit for the TJMS commentator spot?

  26. Good afternoon chgosista…we are on the same page dear heart, for the most part. The only reason I do tune in sparingly is to listen to their guests who address many of the issues specific to the black community as well as some of the entertainment performances, such as Eric Benet last Friday, which was great. But, a lot of the times the show is a little outdated and sometimes a little gossipy (which is typical of all radio programs)and sometimes my mood in the morning requires me not to play the radio (or CNN) but to engage in something more inspirational/ uplifting to encourage me through the morning and prepare to face that big old world out there…
    lol And, to be honest most mornings I don’t want to hear old 70’s music. It is 2008, my dear. I love Ledisi too and Maysa and Frank McComb and Lalah’s new Cd (i’m in love with Lalah all over again) and Joshua Redman or Jerome Sabbagh or Herbie Hancock’s new one…Or sometimes I just need silence. So, there’s no need to curse at me in defense of TJMS. I enjoy a lot of things in moderation. And, I am thankful for Mr. Joyner’s work. I know Dr. Hill would be a suitable compliment to Jacque Reid and he would bring that youthful highly critical yet thougtful and sensitive male perspective that the show is missing. Does anyone know when the 8th candidate will be announced?

  27. Mike, I didn’t curse AT YOU.

    Again, if you listen to the show “sparingly”, I don’t understand how you can make a fair assessment. That’s all I”m saying, darlin’.

    At only age 37 and being a [native] Chicagoan, I guess I’m a little biased about ol’ Tom Joyner. He evolved here in Chgo radio and I grew up listening to him.

    I’ve listened to the TJMS since its inception, and I can tell you, TJ has made MANY changes. He listens to “who brought him to the dance”, and has adjusted his show accordingly.

    Let’s just agree that I am a TJMS fan and you are not [really]. Or what we need to jumpstart our respective mornings are decidedly different 🙂

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