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  1. Race shouldn’t be a consideration in the admissions process, period. Take your pool of candidates and offer admissions to the top candidates. Same goes for hiring practices.

    I can’t prove that Obama received admissions due to racial quotas, but then, you can’t prove the negative, either. Likewise, I can’t prove that his race helped him garner the nomination, but you can’t disprove it.

  2. The head of the admissions department at the college that I attended was a woman when I gained admission back in 1982.

    Likewise, the CEO of the last corporation I worked for, Pearson,
    is Marjorie Scardino.

    Cry me a river.

  3. There are those that see the glass half-full, and those that see the glass half-empty.

    Perspective matters.

  4. First of all Garrett you can’t use women’s rights and racial discrimination in the same argument because they don’t coincide.

    You are absolutely correct, race should not be used a factor and race shouldn’t have been used as a factor to deny people of color from the same liberties all American’s should be able to enjoy. In the real estate business I shouldn’t have to deal with steering and redlining because people should be able to live wherever they can afford to live but the fact is illegal practices have to be systemically dealt with. See you can’t just overlook years of systemic racism when white people got jobs and an education for no other reason than being white, having nothing to do with intelligence or aptitude. Racial discrimination was once completely illegal yet according to you nothing should be done to fix the blatant imbalance which is amazing to me.

  5. #28, princess i am still here. i just keep finding more & more blogs to read tho and sometimes cannot leave my $2 in the collection plate.

    Garret, you are a trip. Bottom line is the highest office in the land, the big-O, has always been held by a white man ’cause white people still can’t admit that they have a problem identifying with minorities. Specifically Mr. Obama, a black man, representing this nation. Hell, yall barely care what happens to blacks in the country so long as it doesn’t affect your bottom $ or personal lives. Past white presidents have always needed to appeal to whites and know (whether or not they want 2 admit it) that they really don’t care for the minority once they have obtained the official position as commander in chief. Will Obama be any different? I don’t know. But I most certainly have faith that he will be the step towards the direction that this nation needs to begin to helps the wounds from its past heal.

  6. Dang, you got us natural nubian. I was wondering when someone would use the secret decoder ring.

    While you (and others) have misplaced faith that Obama will lead our country to the leftist promised-land, many voters don’t want to be forced down Obama’s socialist path.

    We’ll see which side has the greater numbers.

  7. And Garrett I’m amazed at the ease with which you can kick dirt on a policy designed to create opportunities for people other than white males.

    So how exactly would you fix a system to ensure that legally all people regardless of skin color have access to the same opportunities? How would you ensure that no one is excluded from education, employment, real estate, or voting in a system that ignored them from its inception? How would you ensure that the “old boys club” includes people that don’t look like you?

  8. awww shucks San, thanx for the love. i feel so, so, well so, well…….welcomed! 🙂

    Garrett get’s on my last damn nerve.

    ((waving BLACK flag, with large breasts on it))

    don’t worry chgosista, i have another one!

  9. “…more off-base than a drunken shortstop.” – DC that was a good one! I’m going to use that! Don’t worry, I’ll cite you!

    “Garrett get’s on my last damn nerve.” – WYLTK, you are not alone!

    Garrett you are a damn fool. But you’re not that foolish. I know you are just in here trying to start some ish. There is no way anyone with half a brain would make those statements. We’ve had enough of your devil’s advocate.

  10. We already have plenty of anti-discrimination laws on the books, DCI74. What more do you want? Life is tough. We can’t legislate that everyone’s life is going to be cake and ice cream.

  11. Garrett, White males have had their affirmative action for over 300 yrs. What do u think slavery, Jim Crow and Segregation was all about? Stop, bitching. White males still control every industry in this country. In America, White Supremacy rules, so stop using that lame ass ‘reverse racism’ bit. Blacks control no sector of power in this country. 99% of all the decision makers are white males. Who controls the media? Who control entertainment industry? who controls education? What color is 99.9999% of the governors in the US? What color is 99.999% of the US Senators? Who sits on the Federal Reserve Board? What color is 85% of the police force is this country? Even if Barack was elected president, it will fundamentally mean nothing for the black collective ’cause he will be the employee/spokesperson for rich white males who hide under corporate veils.

    Besides the main benefactors of Affirmative Action were white women (and now Asian and Hispanics).

    Sure we have anti-discrimination laws on the books, but we don’t have the power to make sure that they are enforced. Anti-discrimination cases are hard as hell to prove which is why many are tossed out.

    Again, racism is prejudice plus power. No group of blacks have the power to effect any group of whites and get away with.

  12. What more do I want Garrett? I want you to answer my question, that is what I want.

    Since you are so against affirmative action and you seem to want to ignore the years of affirmative action white men have enjoyed and that you now benefit from, what is YOUR solution? How would you include people in system that was designed specifically to exclude them, how would you fix that? Or do you even care? Steering and redlining is also against the law but it still happens so just because there is a law doesn’t mean people feel any compulsion to follow said law. You seem intelligent Garrett so I have a hard time believing that you are this out of touch.

  13. First off, I don’t agree with your premise.

    Speeding is against the law, too, but yet people continue to do it. What should we do, put a police officer in every car so that people don’t speed?

    You folks believe in the almighty liberal/socialist government to make the world fair. I don’t.

    The world isn’t perfect. It never will be.

    You point to the evil white man as the root cause of the world’s ills. How convenient. What a cop-out.

  14. Yes, I feel so shut down . . . I know, I can just call Obama and all will be well again.

    Obama as the presumptive nominee for the dems has Martin Luther King rolling over in his grave.

  15. What da hell MLK has to do with Obama? You sound like those individuals who hated/feared King when he was alive, but in death you revere him (or at least use his name for your sick agenda).

  16. You’re funny Tanya but seriously my intent is not to shut anyone down, I just want some real answers that’s all. I’m open to really discussing the issue instead of making short snippy statements that dance around the topic.

  17. Garrett, I agree with you that affirmative action is a flawed system. That being said, it was put into place in order to correct a much more flawed system.

    I often have this argument with my father who was twice in his life passed up for a promotion in his workplace; apparently due to affirmative action. He claims that on two separate occasions he was the more qualified person, but the promotions went to two different under-qualified colleagues who were Black. I understand his being pissed off and all, but you know what I ask him when he brings this up? I say, “Hey Dad? How are you doing now?” I’ll tell you how he’s doing now; he’s retired at the age of 57 and due to his various pensions he’s making more money now than he was when he was working. Then I ask him what percentage of African American men aged 57 he thinks have as sweet a deal as he does right now as opposed to the percentage of White Americans his age who are doing as well as him or better.

    Now a short list of facts:

    1.)For a loooooong ass time in this country, Black people got a raw deal. Not like “passed up for a promotion or admission into a particular college” raw deal, I’m talking “not allowed to eat at certain places or drink out of particular water fountains, and forget about going to most colleges because they don’t accept your kind” raw deal. And that’s just 50 years ago. If you want to go back further we can get into some more serious dehumanization if you want.

    2.)Affirmative action is a flawed attempt to improve the lot of Black people in this country. Yes, a percentage of White Americans have been affected negatively by affirmative action. Garrett, you’re a member of the “toughen up and stop whining” school of thought, right? Those White kids who get turned away from Harvard because they already have enough White kids will just have to buck up and go to Brown. I’ll shed a single tear for them. So practice what you preach Garrett, or do you need a shot of insulin for your cryabetes?

  18. Do Americans of asian descent need affirmative action?
    What’s their percentage of out of wedlock birthrate?
    Drug usage?

    I’ve never said that slavery didn’t happen, that Jim Crow laws were a good thing, or that segregation was a good idea.

    On to another topic: Hillary’s end-game. This is all about the 2012 nomination. When Obama loses, she can say, “Hey, don’t blame me, I was the good soldier and offered to be on the ticket. He turned me down.”

  19. “Do Americans of asian descent need affirmative action?” – Not applicable because no Americans of asian descent were forced into slavery, stripped of their rights, systematically excluded from the basic of life’s liberties and then had to fight to get some of those rights restored.

    “What’s their percentage of out of wedlock birthrate?
    Drug usage? – Completely irrelevant

    So since you clearly have no intention of answering my question Garrett I’m going to leave it out there to the lurkers because I’m sure people have been reading this thread for days now. So if anyone of you want to jump in an answer the question Garrett cannot, feel free.

  20. DCI74, I answered it. We don’t need any more laws, we don’t need “Thought Police” to make sure we all hold hands. That will never happen. No state-imposed ideal of equality will ever take place. Plus, it will never be enough for leftists.

    Slavery is over. Get on with your lives.

  21. P.S.

    The system is open to all that want to participate. There is no guarantee of success, however. That’s life, though.

  22. this post IS here to talk about anything right?
    well i want to talk about this:

    good morning people, i hate to break up all of you guys stimulating convo’s, but i just want ta ask a quick favor from you all. my mother was hospitalized last week thursday, and is still there. she’s in the ICU, and is fighting to get better. now i know you all do not know me, neither she, but trust me if you guys had an opportunity to know her, you’d LOVE her. shit where you think i get it from???….anyhoo, i’d really appreciate, if you guys could throw an extra prayer in there, when y’all are blessing your food, sneezing, asking to win the lottery, hoping the kid ain’t yours, or making prayer at night. i don’t care if you do it in a salat, or if chanting. please, just do it. that would mean a GREAT deal to me.

    thanx a GAZZILLION!

    ps-i know this ain’t nobody’s dang bizzness, but sometimes you gotta throw the energy out there, so it can come back….ya dig???


  23. I never implied that you said those things about slavery, Jim Crow laws, or segregation. I merely pointed out the existence of those phenomena; which I am sure you will agree had a profoundly negative and lasting effect on the social, political, and economic standing of African Americans. And when Slavery was abolished, were Black Americans in the clear? Slavery’s over, problem solved? How about 50 years after the Emancipation Proclamation? Did Black people have an equal shot at a good life in America? What makes you think things are peachy 50 years after segregation ended? That’s what I’m asking you. I’m not accusing you of supporting the dehumanization of people of African descent; I’m asking why you won’t recognize the need to address the lasting problems that systematic racism (such as slavery, jim crow, and segregation) has caused. Again, affirmative action is a flawed system; but it performs a necessary function.

    Your comparison of the situation of Asian Americans to that of African Americans is flawed. Historically, Asian Americans were not subject to the systematic racism and dehumanization which was the lot of Black Americans from the inception of this country and earlier. I’m not saying atrocities didn’t happen. Obviously the Japanese American Internment was horrible, and echoed of Germany’s actions which caused the war we had just seemed so righteous in winning. But almost all Asian Americans who came here did so of their own free will. They were never treated as slaves and thus were allowed to continue practicing their own religions and customs. Were Black Americans afforded those same luxuries upon their arrival in America? No, they weren’t even considered American. They were considered 3/5ths of a person, and they weren’t even allowed to control what happened to that 3/5ths.

    So while I can’t give you the numbers on your irrelevant questions about drug usage and out of wedlock birth rate, I can tell you that those are symptoms of a problem which extends back over four centuries. You must address the underlying cause of a problem before you can expect the symptoms to improve. If a guy has a fever because he’s dehydrated, you don’t give him a cold compress and expect him to get better.

    Also, I agree with you about Hillary’s stance on the VP issue.

  24. Wouldn’t you like to know,

    My family and I will include your mother in our prayers tonight.

    Best of luck.

  25. wyltk–the ancestors and every ounce of positive energy are rallied around your mother-peace and love to you and your mother today and always

  26. Conservatives are people, believe it or not, and we have hearts.

    We just think that the power for the most profound and effective change comes from the individual, not the government.

  27. Let me try this again Garrett because I had an amazing night so I’m in a great mood!!

    My question to you was very simple, how would YOU fix a system to include the very same people it was designed to exclude, since you are against affirmative action.

    “DCI74, I answered it. We don’t need any more laws, we don’t need “Thought Police” to make sure we all hold hands. That will never happen. No state-imposed ideal of equality will ever take place. Plus, it will never be enough for leftists.
    Slavery is over. Get on with your lives.

    So tell again how that is the answer to my question.

  28. The current “system” wasn’t designed to exclude anyone. I don’t agree with your premise. We have laws against discrimination. Break the law, get prosecuted, just like we have laws against speeding. I stated the same thought earlier in the thread. Asked and answered.

    How about our flawed energy policy? We’ve got vast untapped resources right here in the U.S. It’s way past overdue that we drill off of our coasts and up in Alaska. It can be done safely. Just because we access our resources it doesn’t make us rapacious.

    I was born in 1964, so I remember the energy crisis from the 70s and the call for alternative fuels. Where are they? We have nothing that can meet our energy needs. It’s time to build more refineries and drill for oil in our country. The environmentalists against drilling have no solutions to meet our energy needs.

  29. You and your family are in my prayers as well WYLTK…keep us posted on any developments.

  30. “The current “system” wasn’t designed to exclude anyone. I don’t agree with your premise.”

    Really? So Jim Crow laws were designed to include everybody?? Got it, so in that case the Civil Rights Act of 1964 served no purpose? Ok, thanks for clearing that up. The fact that women weren’t even allowed to own real estate until about 30 years ago didn’t in fact happen because they’ve always been able to do so? Got it. So historically black colleges and universities weren’t even necessary because black students really weren’t denied from mainstream schools, got it, just all in their head I guess. It’s funny you were the one that tossed affirmative action in the mix when referring to Obama and now you want to juxtapose that with environmental issues and Alaska.

    Ok, you have completely gone off the deep end, wow.

  31. Garrett have you ever seen a documentary called, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” It’s very interesting and I would suggest it to anyone who is concerned with the seeming lack of sources of alternative energy.

  32. I think the same thing about you, DCI74.

    I’ll type slowly, maybe you can follow along. I never said that Jim Crow laws didn’t happen and weren’t a terrible thing. Are there Jim Crow laws now? I’ll answer for you: no, there aren’t. All you want to do is freakin’ bitch and moan about how evil whitey was and how the system is still rigged to keep the black man down. Bitch and moan all you want, I think you’re full of crap. For you, the glass will always be half-empty.

    Women couldn’t own real estate until 30 years ago, huh? Geez, I wonder how my grandmother’s name was on the title of her house then back in the 1950s?

    I started talking about energy policy for something different.
    Not to get off the subject.

  33. prayers and healing energy from me to you & yours, WYLTK. Please keep us posted.

    (and you are a damn fool, BTW! You keep me cracking up over here :))

  34. WYLTK,

    GOD be with you and your mother now and forever! I will prayer for her today.

    Remember, the most effective way to prayer is to first Thank GOD for all he has given you, before you ask him for favors.

    Lift GOD up in thanksgiving for all your blessings and he WILL deliver your mother. I’m prayering with you!

  35. I am praying and in tears right now because WYLTK you have touched the heart of God! He watches, He listens, He knows, He is merciful and compassionate. And most of all He LOVES YOU! He understands your love and concern for your mother. He’s present everywhere, you may have sensed His presence today. God’s there, listening for all who pray, for all who pray and mean it. He reaches out to us – we may or may not respond but – God reaches out to us. No, God is not a genie in a bottle, a sweet grandfather, or even a busy dad…He is Yahweh – translated, the One who is, I cause to be, I AM. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yahweh is God and He is a good God. You can trust Him completely even if you may not understand His actions, you can trust his heart.

    (I actually mentioned you in my prayer this morning and during bible study with a few friends this afternoon before I realized your request for prayer. I also prayed for God to forgive me for being such a knuckle-head and to keep me focused on what’s important 🙂 )

  36. Hi all,
    I often think about god but find it hard to believe in him. I have been baptised, communed and confirmed but my education in science and philosophy has made me doubt his existence. This said, in times of great need i find myself falling back to prayer like when people around me have passed, in the minutes before big exams or when i watched as my dog died but i prayed for her survival.
    I just can’t get my head around the idea that he exists. If he was interventionist then why wouldnt he alter our actions and if he isn’t an interventionist, then what is the point of god existing at all? If anything i would consider myself an agnostic, and i do like to believe in a higher power.
    I’m not sure that i agree with the conventional confines of the church and the notion of a sin. I really do believe that i am a good person despite the fact that i swear reasonably often and consume alcohol etc, i think that things like this are reasonably trivial and that traits like compassion, empathy and generosity are far more important than passing actions. My definition of passing actions is that i’m not spending all of my time drunk or abusing verbally etc.

    give me your thoughts!

  37. Also, i live in Australia, so i’m reasonably distant from American politics. But i like to remain informed and have been confronted with the same problems in US politics as in Australian politics. I find it hard to understand how the general public seem unable to see what is good for them.
    People will tend to vote republican purely out of a religious or racist alignment but won’t bother to pay attention to real matters like the growing divide between poor and rich, the restriction of education and access to healthcare. Basically i believe in equality and that all people should have a chance to become whoever they want and should always be judged on merit and not face value.

    How can this be changed?

    Also, i havnt seen much of Dr.Hill’s work on FOX, but a couple of video’s where he’s gone head to head with O’Reilly have really annoyed me. O’Reilly seems so ignorant and also very arrogant especially in the argument with Hill and Dyson. Hill’s arguments were so ridiculously well founded and O’Reilly would simply talk over the top or reply with “well people may agree or disagree”.

    Also, i’m not a huge fan of hip-hop, although i do get into it occasionally. throw me some names, and give a listen to the “hilltop hoods”, probs the biggest australian hip-hop group, they’re a bit different but sound great. and don’t gimme Dre or 50cent or Lil’jon and stuff that i’ve heard of!

    thanks guys

  38. again, i want to thank everyone for their kind words and sentiment. i sincerly appreciate everyone’s efforts. right now is a very tough time for me, and i’m trying very hard to remain positive, so i needed this. more importantly, my Mother needs this. my mother is well well loved…i mean, people are coming out of the woodworks to show their love and support, and to have you guys extend your prayers and love like this, is like the cherry on top, and for that i’m appreciative, and grateful.

    right now, she’s very heavly sedated, but i’ll make sure to tell her about all the e-love she’s been getting!
    i’ll be sure to keep you all posted.

    thanx again, words can’t express how thankful i am.

    i’ll make sure to keep all of you in my prayers as well.

    from me to you all, here’s a great BIG HUG and wet sloppy kiss MUAHHHHH!!!!!

    peace and a whole lotta LOVE!

  39. Glad to hear that wyltk, keep us posted.

    Garrett, you won’t find any post on here of my as you say bitching and moaning “about how evil whitey was and how the system is still rigged to keep the black man down.” You and I both know that I more than many others on this site am always talking about personal responsibility but that recognition of a structure built on racism while should not be ignored should also not be used as a blanket excuse, so I’m not sure how you gleaned that perspective about me but whatever. Regardless of what you think of me I don’t think you’re full of crap you just don’t see the point I’ve been trying to make. You don’t feel that affirmative action is an effect response to fixing the original system built on racism and I get that, which is the crux of our entire back and forth. You clearly feel that 50 years of civil rights legislature is plenty of time to right 300 years of slavery and Jim Crow laws that have kept an entire group of people consistently behind and on that issues we will always disagree. If think for one second I embody a black man that complains and makes excuses based on racism then I guess you really haven’t been paying attention to the range of comments I’ve left on this blog since its inception.

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