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Today marks the first day of the Obama/Clinton Unity Tour. Yesterday, Barack wrote a check to Hillary’s campaign. Soon enough, Bill will bite his tongue and join the lovefest. Is anyone buying this?


4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. naw its a standard “Church Kiss” u know when u see a person at church (a woman) and u know yall dont like each but u got to talk so you give each other the “church kiss” while thinking this muthafucker gets on my nerve

    Church Kiss- is when you place the side of your face to the person face and make the sound of a kiss

  2. I don’t buy it, it look instutionalized. I don’t trust Mr. Obama at this point. At the first I was pro-obama. His alliance with the Clinton looks to be detrimental to his character. I can almost foresee the scandals that he’ll be introduced to and be tempted with. God Help Us.

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