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Today’s photo of the day shows Mychal Bell, of the Jena Six, who apparently attempted to kill himself this week. After being caught shoplifting last week, Bell received a level of media scrutiny that reportedly drove him to the edge. I’m not sure we’ll ever get to the bottom of this story, but my heart and prayers go out to him and his family.

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. it’s almost like these boys are cursed. i think these kids are going to get the “OJ treatment”. the law/media is going to hound them as much as possible to show just how “bad” they really are…poor things.

    public enemies and shit….

    i pray that they get/stay focused, and try to stay out of trouble, because with one slip, the law will definitely see that they all fall…poor things.

  2. Im still torn over the whole Jena 6 Movement. I really didnt believe it was worth marching and going to battle for. but i will definitely pray for this young man. he needs prayer and counseling.

  3. Idiot. Thats exactly why I was not for all of the marching a crap. People need to get the whole story before they get behind their fight racism pitch forks.

  4. im sorry I should not have called him an idiot. Bell is only a child. What I meant to say was that he made a terrible discission along with many other terrible discissions that he made including taking part of the beating of those racist white kids. He is not going to play college football because he couldnt play high school football because he was locked up.

  5. This is sad. He needs mentorship (guidance and discipline). He needs a black man in his life that he both fears and honors.

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