Photo of the Day/Embarrassing Negro Moment

Today’s photo of the day goes to R. Kelly, whose set to release yet another post-urination/pre-trial album.  Is it me or does he get more ridiculous with every effort? Somebody please add a caption, thought bubble, or something to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rkelly1.jpg

13 thoughts on “Photo of the Day/Embarrassing Negro Moment

  1. Wait til y’all hear his jungle song where he is going off makin sounds like a monkey. If he is indeed guilty, may the dudes in prison turn his body into a jungle of love. NASTY NATE!

  2. What? Uh-uh-what-what-yeah-yeah…uh…I got dem platinum powers. Uh-uh-yeah-yeah…golden showers for hours…uh, yeah,uh-huh.

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