8 thoughts on “Poll of the Day

  1. My thoughts:

    When McCain said what makes a person rich, I would have loved for Obama to have said well someone with 13 cars and 7 houses.

    When McCain said we could call on our friends France, Germany and Spain to Act on Iran, I would have loved for Obama to just scream- WE AINT GOT NO FRIENDS MAN!!

    I think Obama was very poised. I hate when he does that little stuttering thing he does. Its irritable.

    McCain I think was very condescending with the continued use of the “what he doesnt understand line”- however I understand the point he was trying to make.

    The moderator sucked. He continuely let McCain veer off topic and didn’t do anything to steer the convo back on topic.

    Obama did a great job tying McCain to Bush every chance he got. I liked that. Plus he keep emphasizing he had a plan alluding to his preparedness.

    Overall I wasn’t impressed with either but It didnt change my mind on my candidate.

    Thats my 20 cents…


  2. ann, agreed; no clear winner, but obama obviously looks healthier and has better ideas on how to move forward with america.

    mccain comes off as an angry old man, while barack has a voice, jimmy stewart-stutter and all, that i won’t mind listening to for the next 8 years.

  3. Hmm interesting Ann.

    I didn’t watch one second of the debate but I’ll look at it today and come back with my analysis.

  4. Ok I’ve seen the first half hour and McCain confirmed what I already knew going in, that he’s full of sh*t, dude can’t even get his inconsistencies consistent.

  5. lol@DCI74….the critics have made a huge deal of mccain not having eye contact with obama…make sure you watch for that…

  6. I’m a political junkie and I love watching debates. But I was SOOOOO BORED with this one I can’t even tell you.

    But I would say Barack-Star won. McCain looked scared, although he did make some good points.

  7. I was wondering if I was the only one who thought the moderator, Jim Lehrer, was a dog-awful moderator…

    Gwen Ifill’s doing the Biden/Palin one, right?

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