9 thoughts on “Poll of the Day

  1. hmmmmmmm this poll must be for the US only, since ETHNICITY and RELIGION are not listed (think Hutu-Tutsi, the whole Middle East, etc…)

  2. I appreciate you taking off your McNabb jersey and joining us RWS and you make solid points. In retrospect, I probably looked at the question more as the biggest source of discrimination than source of oppression, if you’ll accept those two as different social ills

  3. Blaxx: I do see discrimination and oppression as two distinct social ills, although arguably discrimination is a lesser included offense within oppression, discrimination is one of the main tools of oppression, perhaps…but don’t let me step on the toes of the true intellectuals and social science scholars on MLH.com

    I’m just a humbled and disgruntled Iggles fan…

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