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How do you feel about the successful protest of Rush Limbaugh’s attempt to buy a minority stake in the St. Louis Rams?

In general, I am reluctant to deny opportunity to individuals based on their political beliefs. After all, dissenting opinions and rigorous debate are central to sustaining rich public conversation. In the case of Limbaugh, however, this is not about free speech. This is about a private organization, the NFL, deciding that a prospective owner is bad for business. Because of his inflammatory comments as a political pundit, as well as specific remarks about African-American football players, Limbaugh would be the object of perennial scrutiny, protest and boycotting, none of which are good for the collective profit-making that drives NFL owners.

Yesterday’s polls suggest that, for the first time, a majority of Americans disagree with President Obama’s politics. What happened?

Three things. First, Obama is a victim of an economic crisis that makes it hard for any president’s policies to be popular. Second, he allowed Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, two of America’s most divisive figures, to be responsible for a foreseeably controversial health care bill. Finally, the Republicans have developed a simple but effective strategy of blocking every effort Obama makes without offering any real solutions themselves. As a result, Obama, like Reagan, is becoming a wildly popular president with very unpopular policies. Not to worry though, a successful health care bill, and good news in Afghanistan, could turn those numbers around quickly.

Who will win the World Series?

The Yankees have the best team in baseball, but I’m going to pick my hometown Philadelphia Phillies in six games. To quote Rudy Tomjanovich, “Never underestimate the heart of a champion.”

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  1. I agree in part with your assessment of the Limabugh fiasco but I think there are other issues to consider that may have contributed to his removal from the investment group. Like you said the NFL is a private organization and because of that unless you’re dealing with a real diehard knowledgeable NFL fan most people can’t name more than 5 or 6 NFL owners (Daniel Snyder – Redskins, The Mara & Tisch Family – NY Giants, The Rooney Family – Steelers, Jim Irsay – Colts, Al Davis – Raiders, Bud Adams – Titans, Arthur Blank – Falcons) and those names only represent the majority owners since most if not all teams have multiple owners. Rush would have had the biggest public persona of any owner in the league, not one other team owner has their own syndicated radio show. I think its a safe bet that Rush would have been speaking about the league and his team regularly on his show and that is not the kind of attention Roger Goodell or the other NFL owners would want. If coaches like Jack Del Rio of the Jags didn’t want his QB David Garrard hosting his own radio show 2 days before gameday one would have to believe Goodell would not be comfortable with someone like Limbaugh on air every single day. I don’t see it as an attack on free speech but more about the NFL doing it’s best to protect their brand,the NFL shield.

    However I think Limbaugh’s response that “this is a reflection of Obama’s America” is atypical of the lame reactions he presents when he wants to see the entire world through a political lens, it is always easy to find someone else to blame. One can’t forget that mega-billionare Marc Cuban wasn’t wanted at all by Major League Baseball when he attempted to purchase the Cubs and he’s certainly not a Republican or conservative. So if we buy Rush’s argument apparently the NFL is liberal and MLB is conservative which of course is completely illogical since both leagues exist in the same world and include owners who represent all political affiliations. No matter how much money Limbaugh or Cuban has its the attention they come with that the leagues didn’t want and sorry Rush but you can’t put that on Obama, Democrats or liberals.

  2. Sorry I won’t buy the argument that Obama inherited a bad economy. He had enough time to come clean on a strategy to release the country of its struggles. But he preferred to lie about the process and how many jobs it would have created etc.

    Obama….failure for me far

  3. Wow, Dr. Hill! I think you found a loophole in the anti-discrimination laws concerning housing. All you have to do to keep blacks out of the neighborhood is say that their presence would be divisive and bring unwanted scrutiny. It’s not about race or ideology just a practical business decision. Collective profit making is the motive.

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