Quote of the Day

I'm quite single, and occaisionally I mingle
But aside from all the rest, she sparks my interest
No, ma'am, I don't know you
Just offering the common respect I feel I owe you
Also, some conversation, companionship, common-ground and common-sense
There's no such thing as coincidence in, me finding you here
And I really hate screaming in your ear, so some other time, OK?
I wait every day..
Hello, This is Carlito from a couple of days ago, you sound tired
Forgive me if I've called you too late
But what better time to relate mind-state?  Where could I begin?
Hasn't anyone ever told you you got beautiful skin?
You're more than welcome, what do you desire within?
I just, wanna be, there's no need to put titles on you and me
Those are limitations, living and learning are our only obligations
Equality, honesty, independence, intelligence, emotion and devotion
Humbly seeking to hear God when he's speaking
At one time, my mind, just, couldn't conceive
A woman had to dress a certain way to believe
But, in the same breath, allow me to say
That, if you believed young lady, you wouldn't dress that way
And I, was attracted to your class, I couldn't see all yo' ass
And, I was very content, and you deserved every complement
Now, remember our indifferences make us the same
You gotta have some game, or, many of you
won't even be able to take care of yourself, uh
And Love, when I look at you, I see my reflection
So I offer my love, affection and protection
Shawty, you dead fine, but the bottom-line is
You're still my sister

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