12 thoughts on “Quote of The Day #2

  1. (ROFL at omodiende…….attempting to get up off the floor but i can’t stop crying my dam eyes out!!!!!!) Phew, sooooooooooooooooo, them chicks are on a talk show, that’s what they do, TALK about people!

    (lawd Hal, I just think I lost my cinnamon toast crunch on this one. Let me get back to ya’ll!!)

  2. oh goodness…SammyBee… 🙂
    I said I wasn’t going to get into this one either but there I am. I think I’m done with this discussion too.

  3. I’ts true what Sammy says Latisha. You are one of the OG’s of this blog and we do take your opinions seriously. I believe I said some of this same speech in the blog about immigration. I don’t know what my style of writing is at this point. I just enjoy myself. Plain and simple. Tight clique? yes. unfair/biased? absolutely not.

  4. I agree with that, however, it’s just one of those things that easier said than done for some.

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