R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Yesterday, the global community suffered a devastating loss, as Michael Jackson joined the ancestors at the age of 50. What are your favorite memories of the King of Pop?


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  1. it hurts too much to really think right now. but i think it would be getting the chance to visit neverland ranch when i was a kid. i will never forget that and am glad that i was given the rare opportunity to see it.

  2. My memories were of neighborhood children making up dance steps and competing with who could make up the best to Michael Jackson songs. (Later Janet, a few Jermaine.. then back to Michael)

  3. Michael yellin’ for Tito when his hair caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial.

    Most of Michael Jackson’s solo albums are spotty … OK to good at best. Where Jackson achieved greatness was when he went into the studio with Quincy Jones. Those sessions resulted in “Off The Wall” “Thriller” and “Bad.” When you listen to those recordings, those are “Qunicy Jones” records! There is as much of Qunicy Jones’ stylin’ and conceptualizin’ as there is MJ. I think when Timberlake and Timbaland decided to work together for “Futuresex/Lovesounds” they took the MJ/QJ sessions as their model. Which poses the question, now that the King is dead, is Justin Timberlake the “King of Pop”?

  4. Oh, I watched Obama’s Press Conference. No questions from the press about MJ. Hence the president didn’t make a statement. That is very strange, because if a reporter asked the president to comment, his or her question would have been played and re-played around the world. What does that say about the White House Press Corps … ? Hmmm

  5. most memorable was his “billie jean” performance on motown’s 25th anniversary celebration in 1983. seeing him moonwalk live brought chills of joy down my prepubescent spine.

  6. My favorite memory was when I was a kid going through my parents’ 45s and finding that they had damn near every Michael Jackson record up to that point (this was 1990 or 1991). I spent the whole day listening to records and as soon as one finished, I’d be bothering my dad to put on the next one (because I wasn’t allowed to touch his stereo LOL)

  7. James, that “Billie Jean” moment was historical in many people’s lives especially those of African descent.
    This was a time when it was still rare for a black man to be on television at all, let alone be the focus. There was no internet, most people didn’t have cable , and many people did not have remote controls. When Micheal was on, this was it. This is what we were watching ahd he gave us as show. For black people, he was a symbol of the heights a black man could reach in a white man’s world. He did not have to settle.

  8. During his daily news briefing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked if President Obama commented on Michael Jackson’s death. Gibbs said, “I talked to him about it this morning. Look, he said to me that obviously Michael Jackson was a spectacular performer and a music icon. I think everybody remembers hearing his songs, watching him moonwalk on television during Motown’s 25th anniversary. But the president also said, look, he had aspects of his life that were sad and tragic. And his condolences went out to the Jackson family and to the fans that mourned his loss.”

    A reporter then asked, “Why not a written statement? ” Gibbs replied, “Because I just said it.”

    The the reporter asked, “Did he call the family?” Gibbs then said, “Not that I know of.”

    At the House of Representatives however, there was a moment of silence in tribute to MJ as the representative from Chicago took the floor. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr told the House: “I come to the floor today on behalf of a generation to thank God for letting all of us live in his generation and in his era.”

  9. Ohhh just so many to list. Of course the Motown 25 performance, everybody was talking about that in school the next day, I still remember going to the store with my uncle to get Thriller the day of its release. I remember how most of Michael’s videos were truly must-see-tv way before NBC coined that phrase, it was truly an event. I remember how amped I was for the Smooth Criminal video/movie. I remember seeing him perform at MSG and literally thinking he was gonna moonwalk right into the crowd. I remember my sisters losing their minds if I even touched their MJ picture and sticker book. I remember getting a date with the cute girl with freckles because I bought her an MJ bookcover, the PYT single photo with Mike rocking that yellow sweater. I remember listening to Beat It over and over again and being stunned at how much I absolutely loved that rock guitar solo, that was one of the driving forces behind me really embracing a much wider range of musical interests than that of some of my friends. I remember going to tons of school talent shows and always seeing at least one MJ performance. I can go on and on for real,

  10. I also remember how he basically built MTV on his own because it wasn’t even that popular until MJ broke the color barrier and I remember being slapped by my mother for grabbing my crotch while dancing at a family reunion lol. Great memories, damn great.

  11. When he set that guitar on fire at Monterey…..

    But seriously—Bernie and Michael BOTH DEAD AT 50 from heart attacks—how many whitefolk you know gonna be praying this weekend: Please Lord, let Obama be next!!!


    got my damn pressure up…..

    anyway…my best memory has to be me and my friends in our dorm room trying to learn those egytpian dance moves from the remember the time video…that is my fav mj video!!!!

  13. Thank you Ann!

    Tom your logic that those were Quincy Jones records is ridiculous MJ was instrumental in every song he ever wrote, co-produced, composed, and arranged. Michael did not sit in the studio twiddling his thumbs waiting for Q to give him the ok to hit the booth, he was there during every step, writing, recording, mixing and mastering. There no artist on this planet with the reach MIchael had, Justin would be lucky to sell one-third of Mike’s 750 million records worldwide and counting (check the recent sales of his catalog in the last 24 hours, millions and millions more of his records have been bought around the world). Mariah and Janet are the only living artists who have released music within the last 2.5 years that are anywhere close to where MJ was.

  14. i remember that too Ann! I video taped the video and kept rewinding it back and forth to get the moves down packed. lol

    Another memory I have is when my parents took me to see the Bad concert at the Sports Arena. I begged my mom to buy me these leather pants for the concert. Got all dressed up, went to the Sports Arena, and the concert got cancelled because he was sick. We came back like the next few days and I sported the same leather pants I had on a few nights before. I wanted Michael to see me in my leather! lol

  15. lol@ mrs. rivers….

    I never got a chance to see him in concert…saw janet though…

    and yes me and my friends would rewind the tape back and forth too to learn those dance moves…

  16. Michael Jacksons legacy is that he was the first Black to be on MTV. He broke ground in bringing a new style of music, dance and choreography in his videos to us white folks. His 13 minute ‘Thriller’ video was an unheard of accomplishment. He performed for 4 decades and his music will carry on. Funny thing is, I wasn’t a huge fan but I recognize true talent. The only other true genius of the past several decades is Prince.

  17. What up Marc! long time bruh. Someone kinda stole my thunder already but I would have to concur with those who mentioned the “Motown Moonwalk” performance.
    I’m glad I reflected a day or two before I wrote this because for me it wasn’t until the second day when his videos and music began to be played everywhere that it started to sink in for me and remember just how bad this dude was. From the time he was 5 or 6 years old he has put out classic, all-time great music. I can’t think of anyone in the history of entertainment who was a star as a kid and became an even more legendary icon as he got older. Either way, it’s a very short list. Over time, he will be more remembered for his incredible music catalog than his alleged transgressions and shortcomings.

  18. Mike is credited for breaking the color barrier on MTV but he wasn’t the first black artist to have their videos on the channel. Before Billie Jean dropped MTV was playing videos by “safe” artists like Donna Summer and Tina (sexy legs) Turner but the isht really hit the fan when they rejected Rick James’ Superfreak video (which turned out to be even more ironic when Hammer sampled that for one of his biggest hits and MTV kept that video on heavy rotation). When the then-president CBS Records, Mike’s label at the time, basically blasted MTV for being racist that led to them playing Billie Jean and of course the rest is entertainment history.

  19. As far as I know he never called a Blackwomen a “bitch ” or a “ho” in his music & I honor him for that! Many Black artist of today can take notes from MJ…..The world listens & lyrics to a beat tell a story…MJ sang about love, healing the earth & generosity….. instead of millions imitating his facinating dance moves & fancy footwork I wish they would imitate his heart! We have to be careful what lyrics go into the atmosphere for all things are political & pertinent to the survival of white supremacy & we as Blacks have to be careful what lyrics go into the atmosphere for the purpose of our mental survival …. so that our physical bodies can stop dancing to the tune of death! All I have to say is, let’s change our conditons so that the next time someone writes a song it will provoke us to think, cry, pray & act ….not shoot, kill, cuse & die! Life & death are in the power of the tongue & Michael spoke words of love , that will live forever!

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