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Should There Be a Whites Only Scholarship?



  1. Learn How To Rap Online - May 1, 2011 3:52 pm

    It doesen’t matter to me as a black person what race gets a scholarship. Marc made great points but the other guy has a right to create the whites only scholarship. It doesn’t affect me at all but minorities have had a harder time getting into college statistically than whites. I am for helping EVERYONE regardless of race.

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  2. Kevin - May 21, 2011 10:27 am

    I believe whites with low income should have scholarships also. While at this time Caucasians might be the majority in the US. World wide are a minority. The ideal option would be free education for all, but that is not currently the case :( . Keep in mind not all whites are greedy, rich, republicans.
    Where are the boundaries when one stops being black or white? All but the darkest and lightest (2 people) could be considered mixed. So considering that,who is the minority? . Albinos are? :P

  3. Eric - May 22, 2011 9:51 pm

    While watching this amazing debate that Dr. hill clearly won, I can’t help because this guy actually thought he was going to get a sympathetic ear. Whites are historically and it is proven fact that they are more privileged than blacks, and this was an issue that this guy was not ready to handle. Well done Dr…

  4. Andy Franco - May 23, 2011 9:18 pm

    Why the fuck not?? Tell me how much EXTRA taxes do you pay? How much more do you just send in? You big fucking hypocrite nigger. You are not a black man…you are nothing but a fucking nigger…there is a difference.

  5. Mike Ulrich - July 6, 2011 3:00 am

    Your comments about the need not being there is ignorant and racist. Not all of “white folk” are born of means. You’re a pseudo-intellectual who is just a poverty pimp. What will your excuse be when the expected demographic changes impact the US in 2050 and the white, for whatever that means, race is not in the majority? Just using the “white” race in and of itself is simplistic and racist. There is no “white” race as if you would take a look around the city of Philadelphia and note the ethnically diverse clubs set up to serve the different groups which make up the “white” race. You sir are ignorant and racist.

  6. Toaster - August 18, 2011 8:04 pm

    Marc, you’re idea of whites that have “white privilege” is not only a very racist thing to say, but you’re also describing the rich community. There is no real “white privilege” it definitely isn’t a scholarship itself. The only privileged people out there is the rich in america (which includes you). Who isn’t only white people, but other races as well who were successful in life. And they too are privileged.

    With money you have more privileges, money gives you a voice to be heard, gives you the ability to get out of trouble if you commit a crime, and gives you respect, and make you feel as if you’re in some kind of important peoples club. And practically feel as if they’re gods.

    Repeat what you said to poor homeless whites who live under bridges, in parks, or unable to get public assistance, or find jobs in cities where they have to compete with minorities, that businesses prefer for tax breaks, and have to legally hire, because of minority laws.

    You yourself was probably a wealthy black child that grew up in a wealthy home and neighborhood. Cause you look in no way like you have went without in your life. Or seem to really know what goes on with poor people. Why are you a professor? Whoever gave you that career and title should be stripped of their title themselves, and blackballed out of their career along with you.

    Like Mike said you’re only a “poverty pimp”. You probably won’t even read this comment, you probably have nothing to do with your website, instead pay someone else to manage it for you. Even if you did read this comment you’d see I only am criticizing you, and all sociopaths will turn their nose up to criticism immediately, and would only ignore the rest of what I have to say.

    Why don’t you step outside of your black community, and go and take a look at all of the white people who actually suffer. Because the government and minority activists like you believe and taught other minorities that all white people have the “magical” ability to find food, homes, school, healthcare, and public assistance. That belief really takes a huge dump on poor whites. Cause it makes it harder for them to find jobs, and get public assistance.

    But I didn’t know I was so privileged while I grew up living in a tent and jeep during my childhood. And having to get my clothes from church donations, and eat the food we got from food banks, cause the government wanted us to sell our jeep so we could get foodstamps and welfare. I guess my mom should of went to the bank and told them that she was white and we could use our magic money, housing, school and health care at that time.

    My white fiance didn’t realize he was so privileged too while he grew up losing his home after his parents divorced, living with his single mother who had to pawn all of her and his belongings to try and pay the mortgage and still lost her home. Then having to live without electricity in their small 1 bedroom apartment, after being foreclosed on and never having a birthday or a christmas and eating one meal a day. But was still denied public assistance.

    You are very ignorant and anti-white and you should be stripped of your title as a professor, because all you teach is racism, and brainwash others that they are oppressed and fill them with bitterness and hatred. I can tell you what black privilege is. It’s the ability to be openly racist, and not be called out on it.

    Black men can stand on corners preaching that all whites will be their slaves and should be slaughtered. And nobody will do a thing about it. If a white person tried to stand up for themselves they would be called racist for being offended for being called cracker, honky or offended that the Black Hebrew Israelites wants to kill all white people. Along with the black panthers. La raza is another racist group that is allowed to be openly racist exist is funded by the american government.

    Our government even funds illegal immigrants to go to school here. But they can’t help poor white males that can’t afford to pay a loan, work a full time job and pay their rent? That is another reason why there is a growing number of poor white americans in this country.

    It is incredibly insulting and racist of you to fight the need for american white male’s that desperately need a scholarship of some kind to go to school and better themselves. Because reality isn’t the lala land that you live in.

    If white people can’t get a scholarship, then take away all scholarships that have to do with race and gender. Hispanic only scholarships, black only scholarships, women’s scholarships, left handed scholarships. Take them all away, only leave the academic scholarships. Because they’re leaving out one demographic, and it’s incredibly racist, and unfair to those white poor males who cannot afford to risk going to school and paying off a loan.

    I’m ashamed that an educated ignorant deluded idiot like you has the career that you do, and allowed teach others your racist anti-white motivated beliefs and opinions. Imagine if you were a white guy teaching the same thing. You wouldn’t have your career anymore, in fact you’d be one of the most hated men in america. And probably charged with a hate crime. But hey, that’s what black privilege is. The ability to be openly and publicly racist.

    In reality you probably make money teaching blacks that they are still oppressed and that all whites are still the big evil rich devil.

  7. Will - August 24, 2011 11:13 pm

    You sir, are a racist. You are saying just because we are white we can afford college. Maybe you should take a look at black statistics with education and stop blaming “white folk” for the black drop out rates and low standardize test scores and in my opinion of pure laziness with education and transition into higher education. I do say these understanding there are exceptions. I work with very competent and well educated black men. All the scholarship is trying to do is give white male a scholarship to attend college because not every white person can afford college contrary your blind generalization. To me, you serve no purpose giving advise and going on talk show. You only look at one side of any story and therefor are not good at your own job.

  8. Ed Morales - October 15, 2011 3:40 am

    EVERYONE should be entitled to scholarships. EVERYONE. If you have a problem, and still feel inferior in 2011, than it’s YOUR problem. Stop whining and crying about whites having an advantage. …..yawn……… gets tired. Stop complaining and whining. You sound ignorant…

  9. Sheryl - October 18, 2011 6:17 pm

    I am what you would call “white folk”. I could not get help for Collage or a loan and my parents could not afford to help me. That is why, I am not a Veterinarian now. I did not receive special treatment, in ANYWAY. Poor is poor. No matter what race you are. I just had to choose a different profession.

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