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The Dangers of Disarming Black People


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On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a major decision. In a 5-4 ruling, the high court determined that the Second Amendment applies to the ability of state and local authorities to regulate gun laws. Although the decision promises to impact all sectors of the country, it will have its most immediate and direct effect on Black communities, which have the most rigid and repressive gun restrictions in the nation.

As someone deeply concerned with violence prevention, it is tempting to echo the angry sentiments of mainstream American liberals, who regard the latest decision as a major step backward. For them, gun ownership is an expendable rather than inalienable right, one that is worth ceding in exchange for a more peaceful society. While I sympathize with such a desire, I find the cost of the ticket too high.

As citizens of the United States, we live in a nation founded on revolutionary violence and sustained through a range of violent practices. It was this belief in the redemptive possibilities of violence that informed the creation of the Second Amendment, which allows citizens to keep and bear arms to prevent the creation of an unjust, anti-democratic, or outright tyrannical government. In other words, American democracy is underwritten by the possibility that everyday citizens can fight back if the government no longer acts in the interest of freedom and justice. For Blacks, who have never received the full protection of the State, such a right must be viewed as an indispensable nonnegotiable component of complete citizenship.

Despite (or perhaps because of) its romantic cultural obsession with guns, the United States government has gone to great lengths to disarm Black bodies. From the pre-Civil War “Slave Codes” that explicitly prohibited Blacks from possessing firearms, to exorbitant post-war gun tariffs that priced Blacks (and poor whites) out of the gun market, the State has always attempted to take guns out of the hands of Black citizens. Such conditions rendered Blacks even more vulnerable to state sponsored forms of terrorism, abuse, and exploitation.

Although today’s gun control laws are facially neutral, they continue to disempower and literally disarm poor communities of color. Over the past 20 years, many states have imposed gun permit laws that allow police and other state agencies to determine which individuals are “worthy” of gun ownership. Gun bans against public housing residents, expressly designed to prevent violent crime, have served to disarm poor Blacks almost exclusively. While rural white communities have done little to encroach upon the gun possession rights of citizens, majority-Black urban centers like Washington, D.C. and Chicago have imposed draconian anti-gun laws on the community. Regardless of intent, these laws have a clear and disproportionate impact on poor people of color.

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  1. liam - July 3, 2010 7:00 pm

    the lawsuits are coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  2. Krush - July 3, 2010 11:01 pm

    Here we go again. I must continue to inform people of how smart that you are. Many have never heard of you, so I have to tell them about you. Thank you again for all you do and for giving us insight and knowledge.

  3. Tyrone - July 4, 2010 5:21 pm

    It is an outrage and a insult to American troop fighting and dying in two wars! Only to find out that when they return home to the United State a innocent UNARMED 7 year old American citizen! Can be burn and shot to death by American police officers. American troop will return to the United State to find that a 72 year old senior citizen can be taser by a cop and knock to the ground and threaten to be taser again! All because she refuse to sign a ticket! Or a pregnant woman driving her 7 year old child to school. Less then a block away she is stop for speeding she also refuse to sign the ticket! She was pulled out of her car taser three times while her son looked on screaming! They will return to find that three police officer knock in the door of a 92 year old senior citizen then shot her 6 time and shoot at her 39 then planted drugs in her home after finding out the WRONG home was raid! They will return to find out that in Philly cops can be caught on videotape beating and kicking and calling 4 INNOCENT American citizen racist slurs and are given a slap on the hand and a party paid by union fund! AGAIN… While American troops are fighting and dying for the liberation and human rights of Iraqi citizen. In America when and if they return they will find if they live in Arizona they will need papers to walk ,drive a car to live in their country. They will find that DWH( driving while Hispanic) is a way of life for Hispanic American citizen! They will also find that in Arizona ethnic study is not allowed in Arizona schools! If they are returning to Texas they will find that the school administration is changing American history to reflect a more conservative history! American troops will find a anti-American Tea Party full of hatred of the government FOR NO REASON other then the fact their is a black President! They will find that racist like Rand Paul want to re-write history and change the Civil Right Bill giving private company the right to keep black Americans OUT! They will find that a Governor Palin the idiot that quit her job is a spokesperson for a racist group attacking the President job and his administration. They will return to find that Fox News is attacking with hatred the United State of America and the President Of the United State daily! Again all this is happening while American troops are fighting for the United State of America! SHAME ON US ALL FOR NOT BEING OUTRAGE!

  4. Ruffneck - July 4, 2010 6:17 pm

    It is a dangerous thing when the colored glasses of people in this country become the means by which they judge the population.

    There are very few people in this country that believe that more guns in the ghetto will solve any issue that breeds in that ghetto. Call it Black or White ghetto, it makes no difference. The fact remains that the poor urban centers of America are breeding grounds for violence and adding more guns to that situation will get nothing but more of the same.

    Again, we target the attempt at the solution and say nothing about an alternate plan. We use the attempt to solve a major issue as fuel for a race war compounded by history from a time when most of us were not alive in an attempt to create cause that can not be disputed. In the end we lose all focus on the initial issue.

    It’s a shame that we have smart Black men in America like Marc that focus on the past and a mindset of racial protection instead of understanding that sometimes everything on the racial sidelines need not be protected.

    America has all but given up with the new urban youth. We have made excuses, developed free programs, and even blamed past racial events, but the situation is not getting any better. Year after year we see a degeneration of this situation from what we call hip-hop music today that has no real topic outside of big money and big cars to the educated and experienced who extend the excuse structure to no ends. If we cant remove the guns from the places where there is gun violence, what is the alternative?

  5. @oprah_son - July 5, 2010 2:17 pm

    Easy Comment not long at all:

    Guns Dont Kill People. People Kill People

  6. Tyrone - July 5, 2010 7:09 pm

    Ruffneck I read your post and like many Americans you believe what you read and what the media tells you! Nothing that you directly witness! Like guns and so-call ghetto! The truth is gun violent’s is everywhere in the country from the most affluence to the dirt poor! Remember Vice President Cheney accidentally shot his friend both he and his friend rich! Check out Nancy Grace nightly she reports on many white women murder by their white husbands with a gun! Drive by’s didn’t start with black gangs! The white Mafia killed to date murder with a gun many many white people in all type of neighborhoods! You statement to Marc makes my point. You said America has all but given up with the urban youth..Are you talking about the urban youth that are serving in the United State military protecting the country and YOU! We who has made excuses? FOR WHO! Americans of all colors have issue! You just like many in America evaluate blacks and other minorities base on the lowest form of black people in trouble or causing trouble! But never look at yourselves or evaluate white people base on their lowest form! From serial killer to incest to gun violent white hold records! As the first recipient of Affirmative Action (WHITE PEOPLE) first hire last fire! School shooting in white community are up and white female between the age of 13 to 35 hold the highest rate of abortion in the country! Whites kill their children and wives more then any other race of Americans! Also your comment about hip hop was straight out STUPID! Rock music has contribute to horrible death and violent. Drug and alcohol is a big part of Rock! Ruffneck before you talk about urban problem check your home and your communities!

  7. Tyrone - July 5, 2010 7:58 pm

    Thirty-five years later, too many African-Americans are still having their hopes smashed. The military, which has worked harder at equality than the private sector, has undoubtedly helped put many African-Americans on the road to the middle class. But the nation has yet to truly join African-Americans on the mission to rid the United States of its quiet weapons of mass destruction: bad schools for the poor and discrimination for striving African-Americans with the same qualifications as white Americans. Now remember that middle class static only come to blacks in the military by fight and or dying! What a way to become equal and middle class!
    African-Americans understand that there are times when all of us are under attack. They solidly supported at least the short-term military response against the terrorists of Sept. 11. But history has also taught African-Americans to be wary. That wariness could be a warning, should Americans choose to hear it. Under President G.W. Bush America had White House that was not committed to opportunity in Illinois must be questioned about Iraq. An America that remains comfortable with discrimination in Baltimore must be questioned as to how discriminating it will be in bombing Baghdad. An America that has not been true to black patriotism might want to question just how true the White House is to them. Today black President Obama is fighting internal traditional Government white racism from the Republican Party and some white Democrats!! They believe that saying no to anything and everything President Obama try’s to do for the American people. Will make President Obama look like a failure they don’t care about America or Americans. They care about keeping hate and divide and white hatred alive!
    A lot of white Americans may not care for affirmative action after being the first in America to receive affirmative action! Other then being the majority white where help by white affirmative action that continue to this date! We all care about the economy, which Bush handed over to business interests. The low enthusiasm by African-Americans for a war in Iraq might be the most patriotic act yet.It ought to be the act that makes us think what our nation is promising to the rest of the world when there are promises to keep right here in America. America can’t stop cops in this country from murdering black children and black senior citizen!

  8. Fateen Bullock - July 6, 2010 7:02 pm

    This is silly. I disagree with the ideologically biased Supreme Court and, without hesitation, I disagree with you. In violent communities, often highly populated with minorities, there has indeed been an effort to control and regulate the possession of firearms. As a former government attorney in the state legislature of which you reside, I have been a party to that effort. However, disarming and regulation are two dramatically different actions. Measures limiting the number of guns one can buy within a given time frame, requiring mandatory reporting of lost and stolen guns, and providing for registration of gun owners are all responsible measures in our urbanized society. To find racism in those measures is not only irresponsible, race baiting, but is just plain silly.

  9. Ruffneck - July 6, 2010 8:00 pm

    There is no better way to feed racism than to bash White people by telling them that they somehow got where they are because they were white. I’m a poor white boy from the city who couldn’t afford college and was forced to drop out when the bill piled up, while my Puerto Rican, black, and Asian friends went on with their full paid rides (half paid at worst). I carried a better GPA but that does not matter when you are white. I ended up where I am today by working my ass off, sometimes 70 hours a week, but this is what is called “expected” when you are white because there are no excuses.

    I am white and I have never been given a job because of the color of my skin. I have never seen a job hunt pass over a black man for a white man, never seen a black man shut out on an application list. I would stand up in the face of that action, not because it’s racist, but because it’s bad business and bad for the company.

    Heal your mind and the world will follow. The business world may be the last hope of a color blind society, all that matters in that world is the potential to make money and that world can care less if the money maker is black or white as long as the profit margin is held as high as it can be.

    Another thing; I have never heard of a cop killing someone at their job, or while they were at the bank cashing their paycheck. Maybe skin color blinds some of us to the world around the situation or maybe we just choose to live in that world for some other reason of our choosing.

  10. readerzim - July 7, 2010 10:55 am

    Great article. It has spaked my interests to give more reading on the Supreme Court ruling.

  11. Tyrone - July 16, 2010 10:37 am

    Ruffneck where is the white leadership? Why didn’t one white person protest the teasering of that 72 year old white woman! Are all white men cowards? The white cop taser her then pushed her to the ground then threaten to taser her again! You point out what black people should and should not do! And you know what goes on in black so-call ghetto! What about your white race what about your white ghettos? I watch Nancy Grace and everyday she showcase another white child missing suspect a WHITE PERSON..or the many white wives murder by their white husbands! Or the white teachers that molest their students! Or the many school shooting that white children participate in! Guns in the hands of white people turn into killing their own! White people will use a gun in a heart beat in their ghetto in the better community. It does not matter!Ruffneck you are like many white Americans in the country uninformed! Whites can see everybody downfalls BUT THEIR OWN! Many white people HEAR IT!…BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT! and don’t investigate past the information they heard from the white control media! The white control media agenda is hate and divide! The white control media keep whites thinking they are the victims and the good moral Americans and everybody other then them are evil and the problem! You for some reason think just because you tell me another American . That I can not blame Bush/Cheney it takes away the fact that President Obama is cleaning up the mess they made! BULL! Bush/Cheney is responsible for the horrible condition of TODAY! AGAIN Bush/Cheney is responsible for the horrible condition of TODAY! They took a surplus and turn it into debt! Bush/Cheney started two wars the Iraq war for NOTHING killing 4,300 plus Americans for NOTHING. The Afghan.War had no plan under Bush/Cheney! Also Larry black people have always suffer under all 43 white Presidents! But what you should be concern with is the fact that most Americans that live in poverty are WHITE! Under 43 white Presidents they have NEVER change that fact! Under 15 white President more white have been on welfare more so then any other race of Americans! Not one white President has change that fact! So the first black President is now face with bringing whites out of poverty and minority too! At 51 years old I have NEVER voted for a black leader Rev Jackson and Rev. Sharpton are very good men. But they are white elected black leaders! NAACP was form because of pure hated of minority and the government unfair treatment! The black Panther issue in not a issue two idiot that happen to be a member! Stood in front of a voting hall that in majority black area where NOT ONE white person was stop from voting! Nor did one white person make that claim! Atty.General Eric Holding was right to dismiss the case! One white reporter engage the two black Panthers! That is not a case for prosecution! In that district 675 blacks voted for Obama and 12 white voted…. 6 for Obama!

  12. Tyrone - July 16, 2010 11:39 am

    Talk about pure double standards I just watch “Fatal Beauty : Notorious Women” which feature white women that either murder or molested white children and white adults! Story after story the program narrators never mention the white race! Had that many black women been feature in one documentary there would had been some blame laid at the foot of all black Americans. Black parenting or the lack of would have been blame. Rev. Jackson or Rev. Sharpton the white elected black leaders would have been on the program to explain all black Americans! All black women would be blame for the black women that committed those horrible crime! The program caption read: Fifteen women linked to famous crimes are the focus! That’s the very difference when whites murder people! The white community and the white control society. Turn evil white murderers into celebrity and famous! Movies and book deals follow! Remember the Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco story three movie where made! Buttafuoco was embrace by the white movie industry and was hire as a actor in a movie! He molested a child and was the cause of that teenager he molested attemped murder of his wife! Amy shot his wife in the head. The wife lived! Josy LIE! What I heard by the white narrator was excuse after excuse for the white female criminals. Susan Smith the white woman that murder her two children the narrator claim she was molested as a child. So she murder her children and claim a black man did it. That was never explain no reason why she would not blame a white man! Most of these white women murdered white people!White on white crime was NEVER mention NEVER! If that many black women murder that many black people black on black crime would have been mention! Again all black people would have been blame!

  13. Tyrone - July 16, 2010 11:43 am

    As I sit and watch the Supreme Court Confirmation of Elena Kagan. I listen with disbelieve when I heard Mr. Fengold a white man speak on how white females where deny jobs base on their gender! What is totally outrageous is that Mr. Fengold didn’t mention or say white men WHITE MEN discriminated and disrespected American citizen that happen to be female. What also piss me off is that Mr. Fengold spoke of the Supreme Court Justice as always having high and moral standards! That is a out and out lie! For many years the Supreme Court was all white all male and upheld racist and discriminatory practice! Then Mr. Kyl who when he spoke was as if he hated President Obama and all liberal beliefs! Mr. Graham is a sick racist white man with evil intention…I don’t trust him to judge anyone quantification! The Constitution was NOTHING but a piece of paper during enslavement of black people. During segregation NOTHING but a piece of paper…during “Jim Crow” NOTHING but a piece of paper… And every time police brutality happen in the country the Constitution is NOTHING but a piece of paper! The passing of Senator Robert Byrd who I like in his final years in the senate and who I hated as he stood for hour filibustering the Civil Right Bill. For nothing more then hatred and disrespect and racism! He proves that personal believe has always influence white politician and the Supreme Court is NO different! As for challenging the Constitution that is the American way and the Constitution has been challenge and change many times sense conception! Many of the white Senator that spoke at opening comment are total hypocrite….Speaking about what the white founding father believe ….well as a American black man enough is enough….Today this country TODAY must deal with TODAY’s problem base on TODAY people and problem!….The white founding fathers are DEAD…!

  14. Tyrone - July 17, 2010 6:57 am


    As of this date _______/_______/________________/ in every police department there must be two DYFS workers one male one female per shift. The DYFS worker are place in the department to over see any citizen transaction with police officers. The DYFS workers will also have power to terminate and or suspend police officers for abuse of citizen!

    The police officer that is found guilty of abuse can no longer own any type of firearm nor can they live in a resident where a firearm is own. The police officer can never work for any type of law enforcement or security company. If the abuse results in death of the citizen. The officer will be charge with murder and sentence to age of the citizen plus his age!

    No juvenile can be question by a police officer without a DYFS worker present! No Juvenile can be strip search without a DYFS worker present! Both police and DYFS worker must be the same sex of the citizen being strip search! The parent of the juvenile must be contacted immediately!

    If a citizen is taken to a site of the crime a DYFS worker must be present for the ride! No juvenile can be fingerprinted without a DYFS worker present.


    The Brenton Butler case was a 2000 murder case in Jacksonville, Florida. During the investigation of a shooting death outside of a motel, police arrested 15-year-old Brenton Butler a juvenile and charged him with the murder. Butler was subsequently force to confessed to the crime by investigating police officers, and the case went to trial. However, during the trial he testified that he had been brutalized into his confession, and he was acquitted. The case gained significant notice in the media, and became the subject of an award-winning documentary.He was totally innocent!

  15. Tyrone - July 17, 2010 6:58 am

    NEW LAW THE Aiyana Jones BILL

    As of this date _____/_____/____________/ no American police officer can murder a unarmed American citizen and remain a police officer! Especially if he or she shoots a person in the back faces down! He or she will be fire immediately! And charge with a crime! If the American citizen is unarmed and under the age of 18 years of age! The police Officer be charge with “first degree murder”! If the unarmed American citizen is unarmed and innocent and is injure by being beaten or taser a cop that is found to use unnecessary force! That cop cannot ever have use of that equipment! He or she will be fire immediately!

    All raids that are conducted officers must investigate first that children under the age of 12 ARE NOT PRESENT! If a child or children are present under the age of 12 years old. A raid cannot be conducted! If a senior citizen is present over the age of 60 year old a raid cannot be conducted!

    A cop CANNOT taser a pregnant American citizen or senior citizen! If a pregnant citizen is injure from being taser that officer will be charge with double offences! Police can no longer place American citizen on the ground to handcuff nor can they place a knee on a American citizen back,neck or head!

    Ones a American citizen is handcuff he or she is place in the patrol car. NOT made to lay on the ground or patrol car. Also a senior citizen on oxygen CANNOT BE TASER!


    Little Aiyana Jones is dead just 7 years old at the hands of Detroit Police Officer. They first burn the sleeping child then shot her dead in the neck. In the last ten years it seem that white cops accidentally shoot black children as young as two years old! Tasering senior citizen and pregnant black women are now the norm. Please send this Bill to your Mayor, Senators, President and all law makers! Asked them to past this bill to protect all American!

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