3 thoughts on “The State of Black Leadership

  1. Dr. Hill,

    For the last few years, while I’ve managed to extract even the most infinitesimal amount of discord between your views and mine and I have yet to accumulate a critical mass large enough to ignite the slightest disagreement. I’m actually disconcerted by this fact, as I relish in my distinction of being THE proverbial Devil’s Advocate among friends, family and peers in academia. Keep up the great work brother. You haven’t let me down, as you’ve continued your trenchant and insightful commentaries even as your media success has grown; you are a true outlier. Please let me know if you’ll be taking any graduate students before you get your show. LOL.

    Rodman L Singleton

  2. The core issue and reason why the NAACP focuses on the middle class black Americans is because they are a group that can fund their mission. Call them out for what they are.

    Now onto the question of why you do not see these rally calls for social activism in the black community. I believe that it is because the rally cry is too defined and segregated. If you call on a rally to end strife and poverty in a poor section of Philly, I am there. I have spent many hours involved in community outreach. The programs that find the most support are those that do not label themselves “Black”. I would feel as if I was pandering or somehow patronizing, being a white man, spending my time on “black” activism. In the end, many of the after school programs that I have worked with were attended solely by black kids.

    I can’t rally behind black activism, just the same as I can not rally behind white activism. I will answer the call from a church organization, a community organization, or a school program because these programs are for “people” no matter what color they are.

    Stop the talk of color, and you will see the support from all sides.

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