5 thoughts on “Video of the Day #2

  1. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this interview. In my opinion, Whitney still sounds like a woman deeply in denial about her actions. The whole interview was about Bobby Brown and what HE did TO her, and all of his erratic behavior. But she never once make an active statement and mentions the things that SHE did TO him. She never once mentions the neurotic things that she did while she was high. Not just to him but to the people in her life. To her mother and to her child. Instead, she tries to paint herself as a innocent victim in a abusive relationship. I am tired of society and Oprah trying to paint women like Whitney and Rihanna as helpless victims of abusive men. While I do believe that these women were in abusive relationships I believe that they committed abusive acts toward their companions. Abusive acts are NOT just committed by men but by women as well. And just want to see these women take some accountability for once. And I want to see socieyt and Oprah hold these women accountable for their actions as well. Instead, of asking the hard-hitting and real questions like usually does Oprah acted more like a star struck fan and allowed Whitney to blame all of her actions on Bobby Brown. SMH

  2. I cannot agree with lovely above I think this interview was good. It allowed her to open up about many of the events that surrounded her life. Bobby Brown played a huge role in her life and although she is responsible for her decisions but he had impact and influence over her.

    Loved the interview. Lets all move on with her

  3. @Corve DaCosta: It’s interesting that you are willing to accept Whitney’s apology and “move on with her” but when males like Chris Brown and Kayne West apologize, they are just giving excuses! Huh? That seems like a HUGE double standard. In her interview, Whitney blamed all of her issues on “being in love” and Bobby Brown. Never once did she take full ownership of her actions and nor did she ever mention some of her crazy antics while she was high. If we are going to forgive Whitney for all of her crack-ish (oh sorry cocaine-ish) ways then we should be able to extend the same forgiveness to West and Brown! Come on Corve DaCosta you have to be fair.

  4. I’m just happy she’s back. It was a big imiprovement over her 2002 interview. But Lovely, to your point, it did seem ironic that she painted such an awful picture of moment her husband spat on her, yet she was very matter-of-fact as she told the story of busting him in the head with the telephone and drawing blood.

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