11 thoughts on “Video of the Day

  1. Oh, whatever. Ole boy hurtin’ because he got caught. Does anyone know if his wife knew about the affair before it was made public? If not, I feel bad for her because to me it shows his lack of respect for her. If he was truly sorry for cheating on his wife, he would have been sat down with her a long time ago and came clean. Since 2002. It shows he had no conscience.
    I agree with comment #3.

  2. Can someone give me a brief synopsis of how this texting/cheating scandal came up? When I heard about this, the only thing anybody was talking about was text messages, so I’m still a little confused as to why this is such a big deal to anyone other than his wife.

    Please advise…

  3. Whoa Naomi Christine–didn’t know all THAT about Da Maya!!! Whoooweee…

    Did anyone hear that Kwame was involved in a tryst just over the MLK holiday? And NOT w/Christine Beatty–but w/some OTHER woman??

  4. And of course, the other woman (The mayor’s chief of staff) had to resign her job just the other day, while the mayor, for the moment, gets by with a little cheezy apology….Too much dirty funky laundry on the line……………..

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