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  1. Tanya,

    “I’ve been back and forth a bit after the Palin designation, and then I got over it and came back to Obama-mania;”

    You’re not just “back and forth” about who you are voting for.

    “Congrats on the nuptials! All the best for a long and prosperous union!”

    This is the “really nice Christian woman”.

    “I agree with you about priorities, and GOD’s word is my priority.”

    This is the “really nice Christian woman”.

    “Samara can do the event planning!”

    Are you praising her work? This is the “really nice Christian woman”.

    “How ignorant is that????”

    Are you calling her ignorant? This is the “raging bull” getting started.

    “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the difference!”

    Are you calling her stupid? This is the “raging bull”.

    Maybe you being banned from this blog was insight and cosmic intention!! This is the “raging bull”.

    “Maybe the Christian in you can offer a substantial argument based on GOD’s Word and not man’s emotion.”

    Are you questioning her faith and Christianity? This is the “raging bull”.

    “YOU’RE the one with mental health issues!!!” This is the “raging bull”.

    These are your “raging bull” episodes from this thread; there are so many others that are worst on other threads. That was fun!!!


  2. MrsPickron,

    “I actually mentioned in that thread that you could have been reaching Clift but as soon as you started insulting him you lost him (I don’t have the word for word quote).”

    Clif threw the FIRST insult there. (I hate to point fingers, but I have to draw attention to the facts, especially since I’m being wrongful accused.) Clif was the FIRST to curse and be rude. Clif called me a hoe! lol

    I just referred to him as a nigger, which according to HIM, was OK for blacks to do to each other. I DID mean it in a negative tone, but it was all PUN. Nonetheless, I did APOLOGIZE for that.

    “For the record in case you don’t remember the two men in my family, my uncles who were homosexuals passed away”

    I didn’t recall you saying that. My condolences. My point is simply, you have a personal connection to it, so you may be more sensitive to someone’s opposition. AND THAT’S FINE. You just have to understand that it’s FINE for me to feel the way I feel I about it too! And it doesn’t make me a mean or heartless person to object to the lifestyle!

    “Leave it up to GOD to judge on Judgement Day.”

    Then why do we JUDGE murders, thieves, etc. and put them in jail??? Why do we seek to punish people (JUDGE them) who lie (Martha Stewart and others have gone to jail for perjury)???


    Listen, honestly, in my heart, I DO NOT JUDGE people. Because GOD said not to, and I know the penalty for judging others! So I don’t do it!!!

    But we are NOT suppose to support sin. SO, I don’t support homosexuality! My opposition is NOT a judgment!

    “Again, you made crazy insults to the sex therapist & Deacon.”

    I did NOT make any insults towards the sex therapist! She IS a bisexual; so why would mentioning that be an insult???

    I did come at Deacon a little hard! I admit, and I apologized then and there for it!

    But that was ONLY AFTER like 100 comments, total frustration, and AFTER he came at me crazy FIRST!!! I’m sure you remember the crazy and mean things he said about me, JUST simply for opposing him! It wasn’t until my 95th comment that I came at him!

  3. MrsPickron,

    “The bipolar comment was only used to describe that your comments not to unsult you… I actually thought you would laugh at it. I thought it was rather funny!”

    MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anything I say, i.e.: “How ignorant is THAT?” (“that” being the operative word, THAT not YOU), is in reference to the person’s COMMENT, not an attack on them and/or their character!

    And most of the things you guys, apparently, take offense to, I usually only mean it as a JOKE! You guys say things in jest back and forth at each other, but when I do it, the Barbershop Lynch Mob comes a running!!! WHY??? (b/c I’m the outsider to the happy liberal family, IMHO)

    “I just assumed you would have some friendship issues”

    All of my friends are liberals (all of my close friends). I fight with them about politics all day!!! I’m like Elizabeth on The View, I’m totally out numbered and always under attack!!! And our discussions/debates get VERY heated. But we are all mature enough to still walk away in love. No one take anything PERSONALLY.

    They all have threatened to physically harm me if I don’t vote for Barack! (and I’m a little scared that they might, for real!) But they say that during EVERY election, and they all know I vote Republican, and they still come to my events, they still support my efforts, and support me personally, and they still answer the phone and are there for me when I need them. We have heated, “raging bull” exchanges, but they obviously still love me like I love them.


    “I just don’t like how you jump on people & throw insults.”

    I don’t like how people jump down my throat! Why are others getting a pass, when they provoke or say out of pocket things to me FIRST, and I just respond????

  4. MrsPickron,

    In response to your #148:

    I’m glad you noticed my “nice” comments; and that is the TONE I began with here!


    I was attacked, despite my good intentions and friendly comments, just b/c I said I don’t want gays to marry, and that, among other things, was hindering my vote for Obama. (be a black and tell a black you’re not voting for Obama and that’s enough to get stabbed!)

    The first of my “negative” comments you mentioned was:

    “How ignorant is that????”

    Well that was comment # 57!!!

    In fact all of my “negative” comments that you mentioned were made in #57!!!!

    However, in PREVIOUS comments, here are the “negative/mean” things that were said FIRST to instigate my RESPONSES:

    “your responses are annoying and most of time so bogus” – Samara

    “‘pencil broken arguments’” – Samara (I think she meant broken pencil arguments, lol, but the point/insult she was making is still the same!)

    “The Christian in me wont allow me to stoop to your level of conversation.” – Samara (that’s clearly insulting)

    “Clearly it is your priority to not see homosexuals have the basic human right of happiness and freedom of expression in this country” – Samara (this is insulting, she’s trying to imply that I don’t care for them as people, {which I do})

    “If you state to be the devout Christian you are, can you undoubtedly side with a political party who’s rallies look more like lynch mobs and hatefests than peaceful demonstrations of polital change?” – Samara (questioning my Christianity, insulting my party)

    “But I guess if you’d rather continue to borrow money from China to only ship it overseas to pay for a pointless war, instead of helping out your fellow American brothers and sisters then I see your point. . . .” – Samara

    How is this any different from the sarcasm I use, that you guys think is soooo insulting??? How is her sarcastic remark different from my “you might support a man marrying a dog” remark???

    And as you know, my “maybe you have mental health issues” comment was IN RESPONSE to your “you’re bipolar” comment.

    So let’s be fair here, ok!

    Thank you for highlighting that my “mean” comments were only AFTER provocation from others FIRST!

    PS- In many States provocation is a crime! lol 🙂

  5. MrsPickron,

    BTW – I just clicked your link. Congrats on the pregnancy!!! You look so happy and at peace! Good Stuff!!!

  6. Tanya, please don’t lie about me. You said that i was the first one to “curse and be rude”. Lets clarify this statement.

    Here is the link for you (Mrs. Pickron, and others to see):

    www marclamonthill com/mlhblog/?p=5589#comments

    Now true indeed, i did curse first, but the cursing wasn’t directed to you personally until you started insulting and disrespecting me as a person.

    Comment #41, i called your comment “some crazy shit”. Not you, but your point of view on that particular topic. And even though we had prior topics which lead up to this, i probably shouldn’t have phrased it in that way.

    But here’s the thing, you understood it as me calling your comment crazy (and not a personal attack) and you even asked for clarification (comment #42).

    After i responded to your comment (not attacking you personally), in comment #43, you started personally attacking me and my intelligence (comment #44).

    In my response in comment #47, i was upset, but even in my anger, my foul language was directed at you, but it was always tied back to the argument (not that it excuses them). But your response in comment #48 took the level of disrespect to new heights.

    Tanya: “Get use to that street corner and those colors little Nigger! (and I mean that in a fully derogatory way, b/c if you can use it with such ease then obviously you are it!)”

    I don’t want to get into with you anymore, because that exchange made it clear to me that you aren’t able to exchange ideas without it becoming very disrespectful and/or claiming your opinion is right because you have God on your side.

    I just wanted to clear it up because from reading this thread, you use my name and me insulting you as if i’m just a rude person from jump, and that’s not true.


  7. Tanya I read the comments then & I remember clearly. I know what was said on both ends with you & Clif. On that thread I felt like we were playing the role of the educator & Clif & Cezar were our pupils so to speak because we were trying to enlighten them about the ignorance of using the N word. We were actually “winning” the arguement but when you stooped down to the pupil’s level, everything that you said previously was erased. Yes, you did apologize but will Clif ever receive & respect anything else you say now? Once you go “there” a person will have a mute ear there after. I’m not sure if I explained that well enough to be understood.

    I have noticed that you will acknowledge your wrong & apologize… that’s great!

    I do accept your views on homosexuality & yes we do have some different views. I do see “that” sin is the same as a murderer & liar. I don’t see the crime in homosexuality as I see it in a murderer. All sin is NOT a crime. If I lie & say I don’t eat chicken; its a sin but not a crime. If a man love another man & lay with him as he should a woman; its a sin not a crime. If a man kill his brother; its a sin & a crime. No, I don’t feel that a homosexual is as guilty as a murderer when it comes to the law. I don’t wish for laws to go against homosexuality. Same sex marriages, whatever; it doesn’t matter to me.

    I understand that you say people insult you first… but do two wrongs make a right? Did you ever think that people insult you to provoke you?

    I can see that relationship with you & your friends. I was going to state earlier that I can actually see us being friends & bumping heads all the time. When the respect & understanding is there its brushed off the shoulders a lot easier.

    In closing, I do respect you & like the “really nice Christian woman ” I see from your comments. I read this blog a while before I ever made a comment. I felt like I’ve gotten to know the bloggers. You’ve made so many intelligent comments when I saw the “raging bull” for the first time I was disappointed.

  8. Like I said earlier……another black man looking for a job! He waited till less than two weeks before the election to back another black guy who needs a job! If you think this worth ANYTHING but a one day news blip your all dumber than you REALLY sound! Colin is lookin for a job! That’s it! Noting more! Nothing less! End of story!

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