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Today’s video of the day shows Kanye West at last night’s MTV VMA Awards. Just as Taylor Swift was giving her acceptance speech, West jumped onto the stage and with a microphone and said that Beyonce should have won. While I agree with his analysis, such behavior is shameful. It was Swift’s moment to shine and Kanye ruined it. Inexcusable.

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  1. Dr. Hill. This is my first visit to your Web site, ever. I was hoping to find something powerful like “Boycott Kayne West for twelve months to help him learn the ticket price to pay when stepping on the fame-to-shame roller coaster.”

    What I discovered, however, is one more media message persuading me that Marc Lamont Hill is just one more consummate equivocator.

    Me so disappointed.

    Too bad I won’t be adding any of your books to my collection of intellects and critical thinkers at this time, thank you very much.

    Maybe someday?

  2. Marc is absolutely right. I hope however, people will talk about the after math of Kanye’s dumb ish, which is the racist remarks spewed on twitter. Just search “Kanye West and nigger”. And this is over entertainment…smh

  3. I just saw both videos for the first time a few minutes ago and I found Beyonce’s video definitely more sexy than Taylor’s but it was pretty boring and repetitive. Taylor’s video was much more interesting and I looked forward to the each consecutive scene but the first 30 seconds of Beyonce’s video was basically the entire video. I’ve always been a fan of black and white video imaging but I think they could have done a lot more with that than what they did, John Legend’s Ordinary People is a perfect example. Three beautiful women dancing for 3 minutes while sexy is far from unique, it looks more like the video version of a live performance and I’m guessing she does that routine in the video when she tours.

    Kanye was completely out of pocket.

  4. Kanye is out of control!! I don’t think he’ll get away with this one. Beyonce handled the situation well as I expected though when she won the Video of the Year but let Taylor Swift come back out give her speech and have her moment. Of course it can’t replace the humiliation I’m sure she felt from Kanye, but I’m sure it definitely meant a lot to her to get another chance. Congrats to Taylor and classy move Beyonce.

  5. I been telling ya’ll for years that Kanye was crazy. Folks dont want to listen becuase he so “talented”. Its time he stops getting a pass for his bad behavior.

    @Clif Soul: ya’ll mad cus he was called a nigger…hell that was a nigger move…

  6. Ann, the fact that you said “ya’ll mad” suggests to me that you might not be black. and if you aren’t, I take offense to you saying that was a “nigger move”. So if someone who is white does something that is rude, is it called a “cracker move” or some other racial slur for white people move?

  7. @Clif: yeah I am black….I said ya’ll because I don’t care what Kanye was called. Kanye is an idiot. I have never liked him. His antics are outragous always have been. His mother’s death didn’t humble him, and I dont see where he will change. As for all that other stuff you said, I am not about to get all into a debate about cracker moves, white moves or anything else…it is what it is. Kanye brought it all on himself.

  8. I guess, you have your opinion, but being that you aren’t looking at it from an objective standpoint, it helps put your opinion in perspective. As for “all the other stuff”, that’s cool. you don’t have to address it, but it’s not “it is what it is”, you are just comfortable in that mind state. ignorant and rude does not equate to “a nigger move”.

  9. @Clif Soulo: If you are an African American then you know for a fact that Black people use a certain amount of “Black colloquialism” to express themselves; especially when they are referring to other Black people. Come on, be serious! You should know that words such words like “nigger” only have power when people give them power. You should know that a saying such as “nigger move” is a saying that Black folks have created to critize our OWN people. We have taken the negativity away from Whites and out of the word and turned it into a saying that belongs to Us. And I think you do know that, you just probably wanted some attention. Mission accomplished.

  10. lovely209, the problem, however, is that “nigger move” has not been coopted as much as you might believe or would like. to my knowledge, white people invented the phrase “nigger move,” and still use it quite frequently to describe the stupid behaviors of all races of people.

    quite simply, you cannot own words. words cannot be enslaved to do your own personal bidding. the personal is always political. the politically is always public. words belong to whomever can decipher them at their base levels of understanding, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or mental capacity.

    for my part, i’ve been trying to cut down on my almost daily use of the word “retard.” why? not because i truly care about retarded people, but because of how the phrase is completely derivative and entirely negative in its association with people who could not help the way they were born. when i use the word, while i’m almost always using it correctly, it tends to leave a bad aftertaste on my brain, and i feel kind of stupid saying it. i feel the same way about saying “that’s gay.” there are usually more neutral and less offensive terms to describe the situation at hand. why not use them?

    basically, i believe the whole coopting of language thing is so late last century. it was an excellent effort, but it really doesn’t work. you will not increase peoples’ sensitivities by trying to own their negative speech. coopting language is much too complex of reaction for most people to understand what you are attempting to achieve. the only true to defense is to emotionally and intelligently confront and rise above the negative speech.

  11. @James: The name of this blog is the “Barbershop Notebooks”… Historically the barbershop has been a place in the black community where people can speak openly and candidly about political and controversial topics with one another! I thought the same rules applied here. As a frequent visitor of this of this site, I think we can all agree that we know what Ann, a black woman, meant by “nigger move” and it wasn’t anything racist.
    All I was saying is why would you attack someone and their comment when you can discern that they did not mean anything harmful or ignorant; and especially since we know it is a term used often in the black community. We can debate the power of words and especially the power of the word “nigger” all day… But I rather Not… Instead I will say I respectfully disagree with you (James) and Corve.

  12. lovely209, i did not imply the term “nigger move” was racist. i implied the term “nigger move” is offensive–and it most decidedely and definitely is, whether or not ann meant it as anything harmful or ignorant. in the case of language, intentions are irrelevant, especially in the historical realm of clearly offensive speech. that said, was i actually offended by ann’s comment? no, not at all. but just because i’m not offended by the language used doesn’t mean the language is not offensive.

    the power of words is not up for debate at all. nigger is, quite simply, a nasty term. nigger will never be anything but a nasty, disgusting word, with a whole lot of historical baggage.

  13. No, It wasn’t for attention. I’ve had long debates with others on here about the word nigga/nigger, and honestly don’t feel like going thru that long drawn out stuff again. I believe nigga and nigger are different. I take nigger as nothing but a disrespect, nasty, and hateful word. So in that context, I took your statements as if you were in lock step with the countless other white people I saw on the twitter and the internet calling Kanye a nigger or saying that was “a nigger move” or “just like a nigger”. So for me, I didn’t take it as something that “WE” created or “WE” use, but just what white people and/or racist people used to talk down to “US”. And that is why Initially I asked that are you white? I don’t need attention, I come here to debate and discuss my thoughts on different topics. Hope i’ve cleared that up.

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