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Today’s video of the day shows Kanye West on Jay Leno. In the brief interview, West appeared contrite and reflective. I sincerely hope that he gets the help that he admits that he needs.

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  1. You know what I’m not sure if he is 100 percent sincere about needing help or he just wants the controversy surrounding his comments to dissipate. When he made those impulsive comments about George Bush and everyone praised him he wasn’t remorseful. When he threw a tantrum at another MTV award show because Brittany Spears opened the show instead of him he wasn’t remorseful then either. West has shown on a consistent basis that he is very impulsive and arrogant!!! Only when people have stopped being amused by his actions has he shown any type of sorrow or regret. Hmmmm. is this just a PR stunt?? I don’t know, but I do hope that he gets help!!! FAST!!

  2. how can you gauge what is in that man’s heart. So is he 76% sincere? smh. And just to be clear about the facts, when he “threw a tantrum” over Brittney Spears opening the show, one it was backstage in the confines of his own dressing room. Someone just snuck footage of it. Also, he explained in several interviews why he was so upset. As far as the George Bush comment, everyone praised him because a majority of people were/still do feel that way. And you have to look no further than Hurricane Katrina to get some type of understanding on why. (for the record, I think George Bush didn’t/doesn’t care about poor people, which includes alot of black ppl). Kanye is impulsive, but it resulted in him putting out the album 808’s and Heartbreaks. He does have an ego (hence the remix to Beyonce’s song, “ego”).

  3. I’m sorry, but Kanye to me has always acted like a toddler. It is evident that he had issues way before his mother passed away. Kanye is indeed arrogant, egotistical, and childlish. Kanye acts out against individuals that he knows can’t put his ass in a chokehold. I do think he his residual issues regarding his mother’s death, but I also believe that he is fully cognizant of his actions. His ego allows him to believe that he can treat people anyway he chooses.

  4. He’s a total jerk. I’ve seen him rant about his political views, which I don’t care to listen to. I have no respect for him. He was such a fool, Beyonce won later on for Best Video! She had class and also Taylor, I would have smacked the crap out of him if it were me. Sorry but i’m calling the race card on him! Would he have done it if there were 2 black women going for the award?? probably NOT!

  5. its really hard to see a grown man cry. with that being said, i was touched by his interview. Im glad he has identified that he needs help although i dont think he actually knows how much help he needs . . . i”ll give ‘Ye 2 years of therapy and a chance to come out the closet. once he’s out in the open, he’ll feel a lot better about himself.

  6. I believe Kanye and Serena are being treated very hatefully by whites and by blacks who seem not to recognize when a black person is being hated on, and I do mean hated on. Now what they did was wrong I would’nt argue anyone that point. But I there seems to be a trend in this society to demonize blacks and black males in particular whenever they make errors. Kanye West has been called the N word, people are literally on the internet calling for his death. That is wrong. If I did’nt know what happened and had to gauge that from the public response alone I would think he physically assaulted or murdered someone. Odviously something is wrong with the yourng man. He has issues and probably needs some type of counseling. But I am tired of seeing black people demonized in this society. How many black entertainers have’nt had their “moment” in this racist society. When Joe Wilson disrespected our President where was the public outrage then.

  7. It is sad to see some blacks more outraged than anyone in regards to the past events. It is sad to see the “house nigga” mentality alive and kicking. As if we are accepted members in this society. And if you think we are you are fooling yourself. What Kanye West did was wrong but I want to see my brother get help not castigation. At the very least he may be a jerk but at least he is an honest one. He just needs to learn some manners. And most blacks don’t hold all the ills of the past against whites so why can’t we forgive our brother. And not throw him to the wolves. He is still grieving his dead mother. Heaven forbid he do something drastic like kill himself. Now I don’t expect compassion from whites but I expect black people to have a little bit more compassion.

  8. @Clif Soulo: I think you are missing the point completley! Regardless, of whether Kanye West was justified in impulsive behavior or not is subjective. (Frankly, I don’t care whether you like Bush or not, West’s comment were still just his personal opinion!!) I am pretty sure that he and some of his fans believe that some of his past reactions have been justified. However, the point is that no matter what the issue is IT IS NEVER APPROPRIATE FOR A GROWN MAN TO THROW A TANTRUM!! NEVER! I think you are correct when you say that West’s impulsive behavior has caused him to make great music, however he must begin to separate music/stage from reality. (Part of being a man is the ability to make these tough distinctions) That type of passion is okay in music but definitley not okay in reality; and it is especially inappropriate when your passion and impulsive nature begin to hurt the feelings of others. Not cool dude.

  9. If I didn’t know anything about Kanye or Taylor and someone asked me to figure out their ages simply by looking at this video everything in Kanye’s behavior says he’s the teenager and Taylor is the seasoned vet and that’s where it begins and ends for me. Kanye’s talent doesn’t excuse his childish behavior. Personally I think he’s touched in the head if he thinks Beyonce’s bland video was “one of the greatest of all time” but I realize that description is completely subjective. A 12-track conceptual cd is not the result of impulsive behavior, that is the result of lots of planning, creating, and getting many songs wrong before getting them right. Impulsive behavior happens when we act before we think and Kanye showed that when he got onstage all emotional and maybe drunk while completely insensitive toward Taylor’s moment. It’s funny, Kanye says in one of his songs “I – I go for mine, I gotta shine” and apparently when his emotions aren’t in check he likes to shine at all costs even to the detriment of someone else. That’s not brilliance or genius it’s just selfish. I can’t even imagine the temper tantrum we’d see from Kanye if someone did that to him. If his behavior was so impulsive then why even wait until the nominees are announced before getting onstage and demanded it go to Beyonce? Or better yet if we are to believe this is merely impulsive and not premeditated why did Kanye wait until the show returned to a live broadcast? If it’s all about the love and just being a fan of music why not spazz out during the commercial break? It seems highly calculated to me and again incredibly selfish. Adults know how to be gracious in victory and defeat, children still have to learn that.

  10. @lovely209 I completely agree, it’s not cool at all for him to be throwing tantrums. I don’t think it was cool in this Taylor Swifts case, or that other awards show (I think the European MTV awards) where he did something very similar. And it’s part of being a person, man or woman to seperate the music from reality. But i think it would also be wrong for us to ignore the fact of what huge fame/celebrity and the mind of an artist can do to a person. Kanye isn’t the first. It’s a long list of artists trying to balance that tight rope of being an artist and operating with some regular folk standards.

    And DC, I also second guessed it being impulsed type of action. If it was staged, then fuck Kanye and MTV for that…cuz that wasn’t cool at all.

  11. Kanye West is known for controversial comments and being filled with ego. What he did at the VMA’s was shocking but his apology to her is just like a Chris Brown. Why do guys, well why cant people apologize these days. They say they are sorry but in the same breathe give an excuse. Come on. Say you messed up and it won;t happen again. That would sound more genuine. He went on Jay’s show crying like a big baby. I was not moved. He was conscious of this and I am happy Beyonce took the high road on this and made this in a positive or teaching moment. All the women in the category could have won it, it just happened to be her. We all have our favs but the judges have the last word.

  12. @Corve DaCosta: It’s interesting that you are willing to accept Whitney’s apology and “move on with her” but when males like Chris Brown and Kayne West apologize, they are just giving excuses! Huh? That seems like a HUGE double standard. In her interview, Whitney blamed all of her issues on “being in love” and Bobby Brown. Never once did she take full ownership of her actions and nor did she ever mention some of her crazy antics while she was high. If we are going to forgive Whitney for all of her crack-ish (oh sorry cocaine-ish) ways then we should be able to extend the same forgiveness to West and Brown! Come on Corve DaCosta you have to be fair.

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