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  1. I agree with you Marc. Obama is gonna support the Senate bill and we will have horrible health care run by even wealthier insurance companies. The problem has been democrats only believing that a public option is the only way to universal health care and the republicans being the party of no instead of actually offering legitimate alternatives. We should have tried for Swiss or Dutch style health care instead, keeping the private companies as the sole provider but being regulated by the gov’t but the insurance companies would either be allowed to sale across state lines to produce competition or have companies take on large amounts of people so the healthy could balance out the costs of the sick. Both the Swiss and Dutch love their systems too. Too bad though, the U.S. will still be laughed at by the rest of the developed world on health care.

    America needs to smarten up. There is no argument against covering illegal immigrants. If you don’t want them to be here then immigration is your battle but denying them coverage is only going to send them to the emergency room which will be covered by increases on our premiums so we will still fund their health care except it will be very inefficient and will not help them maintain good health especially with the laborious jobs they tend to work.

  2. O’Reilly is such a clown. He asks a question then before it can be answered he surmises how he thinks his guest will answer the question and if their answer doesn’t fit his sensibility he makes an effort to immediately dismiss it or paraphrase it 100% wrong. Bill O’Reilly is a journalism major’s dream of all the things a person should never do when conducting an authentic interview. Context only matters to him when it fits his ideology but the moment it doesn’t he wastes no time in dismissing that point of view.

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