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  1. I am a student of rhetoric as result there is something that was mentioned on this segment which spiked my interest. When the congressman addressed the fact that Janet Napolitano called the attempted terrorist attack a “terrorist act” and a “manmade disaster”, this immediately reminded me of stasis theory. The elements of stasis theory include: fact, definition, quality, and jurisdiction. Evidently the act of terror, although not fully executed, occurred; however, the area of contention here is what exactly do we call it. This is terrorism, not an act or a disaster as Napolitano has suggested. It is important that the attempt be defined correctly in order for the Obama administration to determine the correct course of action and to rally the support of the American people. To call what transpired on that plane a terrorist act or a manmade disaster belittles the event and the impact that this event could have had on the nation, had the passengers on the plane not intervened.

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