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  1. 66% of people don’t like his plan because the majority want the public option Bill!!! Obama’s policies too liberal please. O’Reilly is just showing how far to the right he is. Obama is clearly not for any type of price control in health care. He just wants to make everyone buy insurance. He is not fighting for any meaningful financial reform either. I don’t believe cap and trade is a liberal idea but I don’t support it either. I think James Hansen has the better idea of charging a fee and giving 100% back to the people. Obama is Bush III in education policy, and he has not even touched on immigration. Obama is nothing near progressive.

  2. I have to respectfully disagree that the public want the “public option” Apparently the people in MA don’t want the public option because their state is working for the people in enact their own health care plans, based on their local populations needs. The majority of Americans understand full well that what is good for Philadelphia is not, and will not be, good for small town Iowa. This is why the public wants Obama out of “National” health care.

    Obama’s policies are the definition of liberal. His, and this Congress’s, policy is to attempt to step into every last section of American life in an attempt to turn the federal government into the parents of every American. Helping just feels good.

    Price should be a key portion of Obama’s plan. (Correction: This is not Obama’s plan, it’s Harry and Nancy’s plan. Obama gave them the wheel and allowed them to take daddy’s car on a binge drinking weekend party run.) Price and cost control are the only things that will make health care affordable. Affordability needs to be the single goal from any federal plan or laws enacted by Congress. This is the only thing that we should be allowing our federal government to get involved with.

    If Obama and this Congress want to regain the votes of the people, they need to start learning about what makes the foundation of our government. They can start with the importance of the three branches and end with the powers of the states.

  3. Ruffneck, you’re arguing with the polls not me on Americans supporting the public option. They support it now and have always supported it.





    You are analyzing the Massachusetts election incorrectly. The Mass. voters wanted change and have not seen them come to pass except for the Lily-Ledbetter Act. Now that they are disillusioned, liberals and progressives are not voting and angry conservatives are.

    Again Obama is not liberal nor is Reid or Pelosi. If you want to see liberal/progressive learn about the views of Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich. If Obama was liberal he would have started out with single-payer not a public option. Cap and Trade is a more conservative, market based attempt at solving climate change. Taxing polluters and giving 100% of the of the money to the American people to buy “green” products for their home is definitely more gov’t but one that empowers the people not corporations. Obama is all talk but no action regarding financial reform. Banks are still too big to fail, Ben Bernanke is still Obama’s man for the fed, and Geithner and Larry Summers are still heading Obama’s Economic team. Liberal? please! Quit letting the media mislead you and see that Obama is just another corporatist democrat. There are very few liberals/progressives left in Congress and he ain’t one of them.

  4. Watching you with that thing is like viewing a cowboy taking a horse to water. I do not think Obama is a liberal at all. I feel he has failed us miserably on numerous fronts. Not interested in supporting Obama any further on any more lies. He has lost many supporters. There is an agenda, the agenda is equality and that cannot be achieved by way of deception and evasiveness. Health care can fit perfectly inside that statement as well.
    PS: You are too damn nice to OReichy. He has an ugly heart and those who disagree with me do so because they fall under the acceptance radar of his ego and self appointed elitism.

  5. Come on Marc, I just watched you with on fox with O’Reilly regarding Obamas state of the union, and man you have some strong opinions. You may be well educated yet I see in you a lack of experience that only time may give you. The American public is pissed off by the way Obama is attempting to ram down our throats all of this big government ideology.

    The American Public is pissed off right now, maybe you cant see it where your located in this country, but trust me there is a lot of mad going on right now because of Obama’s campaign lies. His arrogant style of Chicago Bully politics has also been a big turn off.

    Maybe the general public does not have your PHD, or education, but overall the American public can smell pretty good. And I do believe they are smelling a very bad smell with Obama.

    He should stop being arrogant and condescending and elitist, and come down to earth.

    Just my thoughts.

    I respect your right to have your opinion Marc.


    Winchester, TN

    PS. not that it matters, but I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University, and we used to joke about the PHD degree, and trust me I have several friends that have that, but we used to refer to it as Piled Higher and Deeper. Education is key, yet life experience does indeed help. Wishing you the best, and looking forward to hearing your commentary on fox.

  6. The people don’t know what they want! The American people are idiots! The real reason that the “people” are against health care reform is because they are stupid. I understand that politicians can’t utter such a claim but I can, and best believe that politicians know that the people are idiots. Why don’t the people understand what’s in the plan? Because they aren’t paying attention. They get their information from sound bytes and talking points. Look up statistics on stupid Americans. Richard Shenkman has a book out entitled “How Stupid Are We?” in which he details the stupidity of average Americans and argues why we can’t have a real democracy when so many people are ill informed about the issues. If believing that the average american is stupid makes me an elitist, then so be it.

    As far as the polls go I’ll just say this, f@$k the polls bi*ch!

  7. Logic you are partially correct. The American people are ill informed. You can be against the polls all you want but the American people clearly want health reform, but they have a distrust of the federal gov’t so they would prefer state gov’t to regulate. Of course that also is not the best plan I would much rather have a Swiss system, were people can buy across state lines with federal regulation, over a Massachusetts system.

    But where u are wrong is why the American people are ill informed. It’s b/c the people are propagandized by first by our educational system then by the corporate media. The elites dumb down the people they can have socialism and all the power while the rest of us have capitalism with the little bit of wealth we have. We have been fooled to believe that voting every four years will bring the change we want, but as Howard Zinn said no messiah figure (Obama) will save us. It takes a people’s movement. Unfortunately we’re in an uphill battle for that especially now that Howard Zinn has passed.

  8. I agree that we all want health reform, along with banking reform, and government reform. The question is what flavor of reform do the people want?

    Do we want federal health reform to the point where the federal government plans our doctors visits, or would we rather fix the broken parts like the hight cost of law suits or allowing the health providers to sell across state lines? I say we need a little of both and most of the people agree as seen by the actual responses.

    The federal government should start fixing medicade and medicare, Show a balanced financial sheet at the state and federal levels and then we can push those changes into the private sector through legislation. Let the health care providers sell across state lines but mandate the level of care and force those who want into that system to stop denying preexisting conditions. Let those system test the waters and expand when they are proven.

    No matter how much you ask, or how you phrase the questions, there are very few in this country who believe that the federal government can handle these things through their own action, they are better suited to regulate and guide through incentives. Historically every time we give them a system to run they run it in the red no matter what party was at the wheel.

    Fix it, don’t reinvent it.

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