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Was Jesse Jackson Right About His “Slave Master” Comments?


Last night I appeared on Joy Behar, along with Reverend Jesse Jackson, to discuss Rev. Jackson’s remark that Dan Gilbert behaved like a “slave master” in his remarks about Lebron James. Also, in the second segment, I discuss Mel Gibson’s most recent racist remarks.


  1. Ruffneck - July 13, 2010 7:27 pm

    When people relate absurd situations to slavery, the more real slavery gets watered down. This is the same with the term racist.

    Both are becoming meaningless to the masses, and it’s a shame.

    It’s at the point where very few non-black people even hear Jesse and Al when they talk, and it’s not because everybody had become more racists.

  2. liam - July 14, 2010 12:40 pm

    Jesse Jackson is an out of touch relic that should shut up. He is no different than Jerry Fallwell. A charlatan in every sense of the word using, abusing and profitting off ignorance and the manufacturing of it.

  3. Jessie - July 14, 2010 2:50 pm

    Ruffneck, You made some excellent points.

  4. Chuckster - July 17, 2010 10:25 am

    Jesse Jackson’s use of the word ‘slave master’ speaks volumes of his continued ploy to inject race into any and almost all situations concerning his imagined perception. His baseless, emotional reaction marginalizes the real issue of race relations. His creditability has diminished significantly over time.
    Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, who has appeared on several TV shows, has supported Mr. Jackson’s statement. Although well educated the good Dr., seemingly continues to push the envelope in this case as well. Dr. Hill laments the ‘exploitation’(his word) of LeBron James. The absurdity of such an allegation is profound. Let’s analyze the exploitation based upon the facts. Mr. Gilbert, exploited Mr. James by paying him tens of milions of dollars over 7 years to play a game. And, that fact alone discredits Dr. Hill’s assertion. If one considers all the indirect perks afforded Mr. James as a mere professional basketball player, one would reasonably conclude we would all like to be exploited in the same manner..
    The real issue here is the manner in which Mr. James, the victim as portrayed by both Mr. Jackson and Dr. Hill, created a ‘circus-like’ Hollywood atmosphere to announce his departure from Cleveland. It was nothing less than a classless act of another spoiled athlete. To use President Obama’s words from the title of his book – audacity and hope – , I would have hoped Mr. James would have shown some class when he chose to leave Cleveland. Instead, he had the audacity to figuratively thumb his nose at his team’s owner, the organizations and fans. It is not too surprising.
    Given all the negativity surrounding this debacle, let me end on a positive note. Take, for example, another young, black professional basketball player whose actions recently were very simple and to the point. There was no circus. There was no hype. There was no soap opera theatrics. Just a simple ‘tweet’ to his fans that he had resigned an extended contract to continue to play the game he loves. The game he appreciates. A young black kid who recognizes his God-given talents. How refreshing in today’s American society that Kevin Durant exemplifies such a positive example of selflessness. His true worth is not valued by the dollars he makes to play a game.

  5. Alani - July 24, 2010 10:48 am

    Jackson and Hill make great points in this video. I applaud them.

  6. Luke - August 1, 2010 1:36 pm

    I recently saw Professor Lamont Hill on Larry King Live (from germany), thats why I got to this website.
    Concerning Mel Gibson, I wonder why Prof. LH is so political correct and damns MG as a “bad person”. From all I have heard of MG, he sometimes seems to be a depressed and drunken person who says a whole lot of things… like everybody does in certain situations (hard to understand in America though – thats what you call double standard, I think).
    Political correctness in general is the snake in the grass to all braindriven people and also and especially for all kinds of minorities, thats why its disappointing hearing such statements from personalities like Prof LH. But him beeing a “Pop-”Professor willing to stay in US-Media, I somehow can understand the use of such populist comments ;).

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