What’s The Science?????

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As usual, I did not watch one minute of the Academy Awards show last night. Why? Honestly, I don’t have a deep explanation. Unlike the Grammy’s, I’m just not that interested in 99% of the awards given out.

Fortunately, I have all of you to break it down for me.

How were the performances? Who looked bad? Who looked great? Who should have won an award? Who got lucky? How was Ellen Degeneres? Was Beyonce mean mugging JHud?

What’s the Science?????

10 thoughts on “What’s The Science?????

  1. I saw Lil Miss Sunshine, and grandpa (the guy who WON best actor) was DEAD for half of the movie!!! If that ain’t a slap in Eddie’s face…..so sad.

  2. I think her tears are streaming from the fact that her daddy made her break up with her boo Jay-Z for being too old and wanting to get married. Then again, Beyonce’s handlers DID ban JHud’s name from the guest list of her People’s Mag awards party….INteresting.

  3. Then what about ol Peter O’Toole. That guy was sittin in the audience lookin’ like the crypt keeper. I think he is the Susan Lucci of the Oscars.

  4. Both of them need some damn act right if you ask me. Unweaveable and King Dingaling need to get it together or get it apart. Maybe Beyonce will cut her hair and stop booty shaking to change up her image cuz she’s so sad about the breakup. That I would love to see.

  5. Eddie should have won….hands down. Those who elect should
    have made a statement…that is three african americans can
    win top awards and it is ok. Instead it seemed as if Alan
    Arkin won due to his long standing accomplishment,dont get me
    wrong,he is a good actor. But the oscars could have sent a
    profound statement to everybody by allowing Forest,Eddie and
    Jennifier to carry those statues….

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