Why College Athletes Should Be Paid


Like every year, the nation has spent the last month captivated by the NCAA basketball tournament. In addition to showcasing the nation’s top basketball talent, the tournament also exposes us to one of the most unconscionable economic arrangements in American history: the failure to pay college athletes.

Every year, the NCAA finds new ways to extract economic value from the sweat of its athletes. From shoe deals to video game licensing to television contracts, the labor of college athletes generates billions of dollars every year for TV networks, schools, coaches, apparel companies, hotels, airlines and countless other entities that do not have to lace up sneakers, miss class, or risk injury. In fact, the only people who do not benefit from the ever-expanding “athletic industrial complex” are the athletes themselves.

The primary argument against payment has been that they are student athletes who are being rewarded with a full ride to college. If tainted by money, proponents argue, collegians will lose their innocence and be hastily hurled into the dark world of profit-making. Like any effective pimp, the NCAA pretends to protect its athletes from the harsh realities of the “real world” while exploiting them in the most extravagant ways imaginable.

While the romantic notion of the “student-athlete” may have been authentic 50 years ago, today’s college player is markedly different. Today’s athlete is expected to practice 4-6 hours a day, work out 12 months out of the year, and miss out on many of the personal, social, and intellectual experiences that color our idyllic memories of college. In nearly every way, today’s college player is much more like an overworked semi-professional than an amateur student in need of protection from corporate bloodsuckers.

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4 thoughts on “Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

  1. Better yet, how about admitting people to college who have the academic capability? Nice to know universities are farm leagues for pro teams so that retarded fucks who play ball (and couldn’t get into a community college to save their lives) get in over some poor schmuck from the inner city who has a brain. You know, like someone whose capable of attaining a doctorate in something other than ‘rap music’.

  2. are you serious right now? You of all people know how expensive “higher education” is. these guys are in fact getting paid anywhere from 20k a year to 40k a year depending on the school they are attending via tuition. What else do they get? how about the chance that less then 1% of people have… the chance to become mulit millionaires in their 20’s… So they have to work out all year… so they have to have a good gpa… so they get a college education…what’s wrong with that? if any of those things were not in their best interest for them then yes actual cash should be exchanged…

  3. Just modern day slavery! These black athelets need to be paid jeeeeze, the college is making bookoo $ so why can’t basketball player help put food on the table? It is explotation of the brothers from whitey as usual! Hell give me the $ I’ll pay for my own education hello? Hell a blackman with a college degree don’t fair any better than white male with a highschool diploma due to racist attitudes so spare me! Brothers still can’t get a job! Not only with basketball , all this intern nonsense is crazy & just free labor! Everybody needs to be paid even if they learning on the job!

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