Why I Hate Drake

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For the past two years, Drake has been one of the hottest acts in hip-hop. From high profile guest appearances to a ubiquitous presence on urban radio, it is nearly impossible to follow hip-hop and not get regular doses of the Toronto-born rapper.

I hate him.

There I said it.

To be clear, I don’t have any personal beef with Drake. While I’ve never met him, I don’t doubt that he’s a decent and well-intentioned person. Still, I hate him. And you can’t stop me. Why? Because he represents several things that I find troublesome about the current mainstream hip-hop scene.

First, there’s the music. While there’s no doubt that Drake is very gifted— even if he too often wastes his talent making radio-friendly confection—he leaves much to be desired as an rapper. Instead of relying on his intellectual and artistic gifts, he too often resorts to tired concepts, lazy punch lines and predictable one-liners. This wouldn’t be such a problem if he weren’t constantly being hailed by the rap world as a dope lyricist rather than what he actually is: a pop song writer.

To call Drake an MC in a world that still includes Black Thought, Lupe Fiasco, Jean Grae, Pharoah Monch, or even Eminem is an insult to people who think. As evidenced by his humiliating Blackberry “freestyle” on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 radio show, Drake has mastered neither the art, science, nor stylistic etiquette of MCing. From his frantic attempts to stay on beat to his inability to improvise even slightly, Drake represents a dangerous historical moment in hip-hop culture where rapping has overshadowed other dimensions of MCing, like freestyling, battling, and moving the crowd.

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23 thoughts on “Why I Hate Drake

  1. Regardless of what you may feel about Drake, dude can flo! I agree with your disappointment on the whole record deal thing but not everyone is built to “change the world.” you can’t be mad at him for that.

  2. I can’t believe you said that.. Dare your balls.. I been said drake has a superficial element to him. He cool.. but, just not one of my faves. He does seem manufactured.. There is nothing really authentic to grasp a hold to . I respect his music but not so much as him as an artist. I am not a big fan of Nicki.. She seems to have the manufactored body and plus she walks like a dude. I think she is really gay and I don’t condone anyone who implies that homosexuality is cool..

  3. Drake is a clown, he freestyle from a blackberry! he’s always off beat! other people writes for him, and he’s an ACTOR TURN RAPPER/MC

  4. I am glad someone finally verbalized the feeling I have had since the young man caught fire. I highly doubt his 15 min will last beyond the first real cd he releases. He doesn’t move the ball forward he simply has a “slick handle” The inability of Drake and others to move this here rap/hip hop game to a higher level is dissapointing and that is putting it mildly. Force your followers to think about there lives beyond the tired “bottle of moet” or the Audemars Piguet watch. We have herd that already!!!! Finally how many times are these guys going to call the black woman (or any women for that matter) Bitch, hoe, trick, etc and then Complain when you can not find one that wants anything but the fantasy world you talk about??? We can do waaay better and there are Mc’s out there that have the capacity to change the negative perception of hip hop. I am not saying that an occasional cuss word is not acceptable I to have lived a life that is not considered privledged or silver spooned. I just want Our youth to hear and see more MOS DEF, TALIB KWELI, LUPE, etc. just my two cents thanks 4 the opportunity to sound off.

  5. you’d put jean “wackass” grae in the same sentence as pharoae monche?

    this chick is the definition of wack dictionary rap. not an MC at all.

    an MC should rock the crowd, not put em to sleep.

    fuck jean grae. wack bitch.

    if u want female MCs, then u got Lady of Rage, Rah Digga, and some other old school broads.

  6. Thank u so much for this article..when people look @ me crazy when i say i cant get into drake it utterly confuses me..has the state of hip hop dropped so low that we look to anything and everything for entertainment..If distant relatives hadn’t come out I’d be listening to zero new hip hop this summer ..and please lets not even get started on nicki minaj

  7. and also I’m definitely feeling some type of way @ o’ reilly’s comments about u looking like a crack dealer..hence why I never even bother viewing that ignorant channel that’s labeled as news

  8. he is the typical rapper but i he killed those lyrics that he wrote for A. Keys unthinkable(i’m ready)

  9. I love the, lollipop, say nothing, rap. It’s candy for the lazy generation.

    Don’t blame the so-called talent, blame those who buy it, play it in the clubs, and validate it.

    Take it one step further and blame the kids that look to rap as a way to make money and not to create thought or a vision. There is more money in the lollipop version hence the better goal to reach.

  10. Than you Dr. Hill you have said what millions wanted to say. This wannabe has glamorized prostitution, fornication, homosexuality, predatorism, and a host of other acts in his music and his concerts. I am not proud of none of these hip hop and rap stars that are not preaching to the youth to pick a book up and get their education. All they want to exhibit is ass and more ass.

  11. Dear Sir,

    It’s amazing that you can hate someone that you don’t know personally. I tend to feel the same way about you for very similar reasons. Just substitute current political opinion for current Hip-hop scene, and you’ll get the picture.

    Good God, man, look in a mirror when you read your own post and apply it to yourself, before Drake. Sheesh.

    P.S. Have a great day!

  12. Idk if he’s a rapper or a pop singer but he is definitely not of this earth. Dude looks like Alf.

  13. THANK YOU!!

    Everyone has been calling me a hater for saying he is not an MC, but he is not an MC he is a pop act and the rap community should not allow him to be presented as anything else.

  14. You like Eminem, even after the tapes were released of him callign black woman “niggers”. Why not go after Eminem. I know why, because will probably go after your ass. Drake wouldnt do that.

    You hate someone. Sounds kind of gay to me. Real niggas dont hate. You’re soft.

    If you dont like his rocords, or anybody else records, than dont buy them. I dont like (not hate) Jim Jones, but Im not writing a article about it.

  15. Cmon Hill That Drake Album is Fiyah!!! He got a Banger with Jay-z, Lil wayne flips a nice verse, another banger with Nikki Minaj, He gets lyrical on, “thank me now” Hot beats and if you play some of them joints with the ladies around they’ll think you all caring and sensitive and stuff. Thats the Album of the summer!!! Holla Back. http://twitter.com/Oprahs_Son

  16. Aight aight I’ll admit after about a week of bangin Drake Non stop its starting to lose its luster. So I grabbed some good old Tupac and threw it in. When you compare Drake to one of the Icons of Hip-Hop he is outclassed on every front, however when compared to todays artist he is on top. Drakes doin him and he makes fun Music, But when you need them classics that is just real Grass Roots Hip hop thats true to the origins of the music, Hood Approved and…well…Art, stick to PAC.

  17. Commercial? Commercial? U make hip hop sound like some hippie movement, where u hav 2 save the trees and shit like dat. Let Drake be. He is putting money in his pocket and takin care of his family and friends. U guys keep talkiin like u dont kiss ur bosses arse on daily weekdays (even sum weekends). This dude is signed to a record label, in other words he has a job and he is expected to deliver and guess wat HE DOES. Commercial? wat made Micheal Jackson was his ability 2 SELL. SELL!!!. I dont get it, when a few bunch of people buy ur records they call u critically successful, because a bunch of boring weirdos rate u with A+. But when the masses, THE MASSES love u and buy ur records u get an F rating and they say “o no his gone mainstream”. I love Hip hop and Rock music, as strange as it may sound, but all this hating is like STD spreading with no cause. Now that the Kings of Leon (KOL, 4give me if dis is not supposed 2 b here but am making a point) sell more records their so called “true” fans call them sell outs and commercial goons. And pls this whole IDEA of “street Cred” sounds like some racial misguided crap. Hip hop is for all, u dont hav 2 grow up on the street 2 like good music. Down here at the shores of West Africa (though a few) every1 is entitled 2 go with wateva type of music genre that appeals 2 him/her. u should see our hip hop stars, unique in thier own way. Street cred? who thinks of Dat? Half of dis rappers have Bachelors degree. Nw whtacha think of Dat? Dr Phil, or what ever ur name is why dont u go back in time when hip hop was a boring caveman who had not evolved to todays homo superior..dont reisist progress/change….embrace it…b4 ur left behind…crawlinnnnn…

  18. Well I hv seen somebody I agree with. Drake is not a spectacular emcee. if he is spectacular then wat do u caL lupe fiasco or j.cole or nigeria own vector. Or pope thahitman or son of yoruba land Dagrin. Pple shld kno that drake is a passin phase like vanilla ice. He and nicki mina will soon fade out and pple will regret listenin 2 dat fake emceeingj

  19. Marc,

    First, I co-sign your criticism of his decision to sign with a major label but I must take issue with several other criticisms you’ve made of Drake. Granted, I may be biased. I am a big fan of Drake and the music he makes. Also, I have a lot in common with him.

    I am a biracial Black man raised mostly by my white mother with an often absent Black father who works in the music industry in a historically musical city. And despite being somewhat isolated from my Black family heritage, I’ve developed a love for hip-hop and unequivocally Black identity. This commonality is what sparks my first criticism.

    You reference of his “faux-Southern accent” is just plain inaccurate. Drake spent most of his summers throughout childhood *in Memphis, TN* with paternal family who are natives thereof. Either you were unaware of this, which demonstrates a lack of research, or you intentionally omitted it, which seems intellectually dishonest. As an educator and a hip-hop pedagogy theorist, I’m certain that you are aware of the concept of code-switching and how instrumental it is to the survival of Black people. And I can personally attest to it’s indispensability in the survival of a biracial child being raised by a white parent.

    Another unsettling issue is what I would consider a reckless use of the word “hate”. You may think it trivial but words have power and there is a semantic difference between the verbs “hate on” and “hate”. Black folks are so hated by virtue of the white supremacist foundation of Western society and I think that Black folks as a class are injured when one Black person publicly espouses hate for another Black person. We must always be aware of the impact the internalized white supremacy has on the way we interact with and speak of each other.

    In general, it seems to me that your criticisms of his authenticity spring more from personal bias than any other factor as you acknowledge that his lyrical content is devoid of references to activity that would increase his “street cred” but that were not part of his life. Finally, this hatred you profess for Drake seems to be based largely on the behavior of other people. To hold Drake responsible for opinions of others and the actions and strategies of an industry you’ve acknowledged is exploitive is just plain unfair and as you said you are being way too hard on this young man.

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