4 thoughts on “Will the American People Elect An Overweight President?

  1. Wow!

    Marc, I think you do a fantastic job on every broadcast show that you’ve appeared on. Your honest about opinions and you can truly look at both sides and then make a mature decision/statement.
    I hate when I see you on the other side of O’Reilly because I swear they must turn his mic up when he goes into his ridiculous question sets, where he just wants the one word from you and never let’s you completely answer a question.

    It’s ridiculous!.

    Keep up the good work Marc. Love everything you do.

  2. They already did. Howard Taft. He was the first American President to get stuck in The White House bathtub.

  3. Boy, they’ll ask Dr. Fuckstick of cRap music about anything fucking thing.

    How do you feel about the color red?

    “Well, Bill, a rapper I once wrote a dissertation on wore a red bandanna. Now, where I grew up….”

  4. I always feel you are informed on the issues when I see you on tv. When I see you, I always stop what I’m doing because I know you will tell it like it is. I like how you debate issues without yelling or putting the other person down. I hope you keep up the hard work because this country needs more people like you.

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